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FDA issues GRAS no objection letter for Sweegen's Bestevia Reb-M - which starts with the leaf, then undergoes 'enzymatic conversion'

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California-based SweeGen has received a GRAS no objections letter from the FDA for the use of its Bestevia branded Reb-M - manufactured from stevia leaf extracts converted to Reb M using enzymes – for use as a general purpose sweetener for food and beverage applications in the US.

Impossible Foods starts large scale production of plant-based burgers

Impossible Foods moves to commercial scale production of plant-based burgers

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate at Expo West

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate: ‘Do electric cars not get to call themselves cars because they don’t have a combustion engine?’

Farmhouse Culture raises $6.5m in round led by 301 INC

Farmhouse Culture raises $6.5m in financing round led by Gen Mills 301 INC, unveils new sparkling probiotic line

Wild Kombucha targets mainstream shoppers

Wild Kombucha targets mainstream shoppers with familiar bottle, lighter taste profile

Chobani appoints Nestlé Waters exec Tim Brown president, COO

Chobani appoints Nestlé Waters North America CEO Tim Brown as president and COO

LIVE Beverages founder talks about rising drinking vinegar trend

LIVE Beverages Founder: ‘Drinking vinegars are where kombucha was 4 years ago’

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Stonyfield Organic survey explores consumer attitudes toward probiotics for babies

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Did a Nobel Laureate spark the obesity epidemic?

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Yogurt makers cut sugar but add fat and convenience to meet consumer demands

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