New products General Mills Greek Whips, Quaker Oats protein

New products gallery: General Mills whips up a Greek storm, Quaker pumps up the protein & hummus gets even more interesting…

05-Jan-2015 -

Beverage Innovation Summit beverage trends 2015

What's hot, what's not, what's next? Introducing the FoodNavigator-USA & BeverageDaily Beverage Innovation Summit

23-Dec-2014 - Diet soda is in a funk, while 'real sugar' is back in vogue. Energy is hot, but caffeine is still controversial. Maple water is bang-on-trend, but will it really become the next coconut water? 

Natural stabilization process protects nutrients, says NutriFusion

Game-changing natural stabilization process protects nutritional punch of fruit & veggie powders in processed foods, says NutriFusion

22-Dec-2014 - Fruit & veg powders can make snacks and prepared foods appear more nutritious, but owing to the rigors of the production process, by the time we eat them, they have lost most of their nutritional punch, says South Carolina-based NutriFusion, which claims it can change this equation.

Unilever drops lawsuit vs Hampton Creek Foods over Just Mayo

Unilever drops 'Just Mayo' lawsuit: 'We share a vision with Hampton Creek Foods of a more sustainable world'

19-Dec-2014 - Unilever has withdrawn its false advertising lawsuit against plant-based foods pioneer Hampton Creek Foods and issued a statement applauding its commitment to innovation and noting that it shares the company's "vision of a more sustainable world".

5 GMO food myths dispelled

5 GMO food myths dispelled

19-Dec-2014 - All the rhetoric for and against genetically modified organisms voiced leading up to November when several states voted on GMO labeling initiatives can make it difficult to understand exactly what genetic engineering is, let alone the benefits and downsides. 

Restaurants will balance local and global in 2015

Restaurants will balance local and global in 2015

19-Dec-2014 - Restaurants in 2015 will act locally when it comes to sourcing ingredients, but think globally when incorporating flavors into new dishes, the National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast reveals.

“Everyone would agree that ancestral diets didn't include Twinkies, but I'm sure our ancestors would have eaten them if they grew on trees,” said one researcher behind the study.

Researchers poke holes in modern ‘paleo' diet

19-Dec-2014 - There was more than one Palaeolithic diet, and none of them may have been that healthy - but barely any of the foods eaten are available anymore anyway, say researchers.

General Mills' US cereal sales dropped 3% for the first half of the year

General Mills net profit plummets 37% amid continued cereal woes

19-Dec-2014 - General Mills has reported a significant slump in profits for its second quarter, pulled down by a tough environment in North America, particularly across breakfast cereals.

Grupo Bimbo will expand its presence in Canada further through the acquisition

Grupo Bimbo strengthens Canada footprint with Saputo Bakery buy

19-Dec-2014 - Grupo Bimbo has bought Saputo Bakery via its Canadian subsidiary Canada Bread for C$120m ($103m).

Jody Horner is leaving Cargill to become president of Midland University.

Horner departs Cargill Meat Solutions to head Midland University

19-Dec-2014 - Jody Horner, president of Cargill Meat Solutions, is leaving the company to become president of Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska.

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, is implementing stricter standards for poultry safety.

Walmart leads the charge toward improved poultry safety (Part 1)

19-Dec-2014 - To better protect its customers against foodborne illnesses, Walmart announced it is beefing up its poultry safety guidelines for US suppliers. 

10 food labeling and food litigation trends Just Mayo

From 'all-natural' claims to GMO labeling: The food litigation trends we're watching in 2015

19-Dec-2014 -

Josh Tetrick: 'We've gone from zero to 15,000 stores in little more than a year.'

Hampton Creek Foods raises $90m to support ‘massive’ growth: ‘Just Mayo has gone from zero to 15,000 locations in a little over a year’

18-Dec-2014 - A high-profile lawsuit* filed by Unilever accusing Hampton Creek Foods of falsely advertising its flagship product ‘Just Mayo’ has not, it seems, dented Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for the plant-based foods pioneer, which has just raised another $90m from some very high-profile investors.

John Cahill (pictured) will take over from Tony Vernon on December 27

Kraft Foods chairman John Cahill to succeed Tony Vernon as CEO on Dec 27

18-Dec-2014 - Kraft Foods Group chairman John Cahill will also take on the role of CEO at the end of this year following the retirement of current CEO Tony Vernon on December 27.

William Reed Business Media Holiday video

Happy Holidays 2014 from William Reed Business Media!

18-Dec-2014 - The holidays are fast upon us, so let’s put ‘business’ to one side and get into the festive mood. To keep in the spirit of things, we’ve got a ‘gift’ for you – enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Food-X seeks entrepreneurs for accelerator backed by SOSVentures

Food-X seeks ‘best and brightest disruptors in the food space’ to join accelerator program

18-Dec-2014 - Food-X - a new food business accelerator program backed by venture capital firm SOSventures that runs twice a year - is seeking the ‘best and brightest disruptors in the food space’ to join its second accelerator program starting in New York in early 2015.

Source: New Nutrition Business

Weight management and digestive wellness will heavily influence food purchases in 2015

18-Dec-2014 - Consumer desire to effectively manage their weight and improve their health through food will continue to influence new product development and sales in 2015, according to New Nutrition Business, a food- and nutrition-focused market research firm. 

Gretchen’s Grains finds freezing could help whole grains category thaw

Gretchen’s Grains finds freezing could help whole grains category thaw

18-Dec-2014 - The significantly longer amount of time necessary to prepare whole grains compared to refined grains is a substantial hurdle that stops many people from eating more whole grains, even though they are more nutritious.

'There’s a health halo effect where if you move get a product away from the carbonates aisle and move it towards bottled water, even if a lot of its properties are similar to carbonates and soft drinks, that’s a win,' says Euromonitor's senior beverage analyst

Want your fizz back? Get into the water aisle, go retro and hit new day parts, say experts

18-Dec-2014 - Carbonates will never return to the buzz of the 80s but beverage makers can inject life back into the category from side-stepping into the water aisle to bottling up retro-style or moving into new day parts, says Euromonitor International.  

President Obama delivers a statement on his plan to ease the US embargo against Cuba.

US food industry welcomes President Obama’s plan to normalize US-Cuba relations

18-Dec-2014 - President Obama has announced he is updating US policies on Cuba, including reestablishing diplomatic relations and promoting travel and trade opportunities between the two countries. Both Cargill and the USA Rice Federation immediately issued statements applauding the move.