Waters of coconut, water of cactus: The Expo East innovations that attract us

Waters of coconut, water of cactus: The Expo East innovations that attract us

23-Sep-2014 - Natural Products Expo East yielded a wealth of new trends and new product launches.  In this gallery FoodNavigator USA looks as some of the most innovative launches and identifies some trends running through the natural products marketplace.  Bold innovators push the boundaries of even existing categories, such as water enhancers and coconut water and raw ingredients. But new innovations come to the fore, too, such as a cactus beverage and new applications for legumes and oats.

Food & beverage manufacturing in the Garden State

Five reasons to set up shop in the Garden State (birthplace of M&Ms, Campbell Soup...and Bon Jovi)

22-Sep-2014 - The birthplace of Allen Ginsberg, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey is also home to food industry giants from Campbell Soup and Goya Foods to Unilever USA. But is the Garden State doing what it takes to attract the next generation of food and beverage businesses? FoodNavigator-USA joined reporters for a whistle-stop tour led by Choose New Jersey to find out. 

Agua Enerviva founder Dr Carol Dollard: “Could agua enerviva get to $100m? Absolutely,”

Ex-vitaminwater execs prepare for national rollout at Target for agua enervivá: ‘Energy water is a new category and we’re leading the charge’

22-Sep-2014 - While sales of vitaminwater and SoBe Lifewater have been pretty lackluster of late, US consumers are still looking for functionality along with hydration and refreshment in the enhanced waters category, and energy is the one trend that refuses to go away, says the founder of agua enervivá.

Organic/natural acquisitions allow the food industry to align CSR messages with product portfolio: Euromonitor

Organic/natural acquisitions allow the food industry to align CSR messages with product portfolio: Euromonitor

22-Sep-2014 - Desires to align product portfolios with messages of corporate social responsibility are driving some of the M&A activity regarding organic and natural companies, says Euromonitor International.

The recall involved more than 40 states and was one of the biggest in history

Peanut Corporation of America officials found guilty

22-Sep-2014 - A federal jury has returned guilty verdicts against three former Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) employees in relation to a Salmonella outbreak which sickened almost 700.

Vitamin D associated with 'a range of important health outcomes', says new study

Vitamin D associated with 'a range of important health outcomes', says new study

19-Sep-2014 - Increased blood levels of the sunshine vitamin are associated with significantly lower risks of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and fractures, according to data collected in the UK over 13 years.

Ken Powell: 'We’ve learned a tremendous amount from the natural and organic companies that we’ve acquired over the years'

Smaller brands can flourish under big corporate umbrellas, says General Mills CEO: ‘We've been very good, I think, about leaving them alone’

19-Sep-2014 - General Mills will help newly acquired natural & organic brand Annie’s expand into new categories, channels and markets; and will use its clout to drive procurement and operational/logistical efficiencies, CEO Ken Powell told analysts this week. But it won’t try to change the culture of the company.

Beverages dominate erythritol market but oral health gums and confectionery should increase, says Cargill

Beverages dominate erythritol market but oral health gums and confectionery should increase, says Cargill

19-Sep-2014 - As the dental benefits of erythritol become more widely known, gum and confectionery products positioned for oral health are set to increase, says Cargill, but they have a long way to go to compete with beverages as the main use.

No HFCS claims on 2.35% of new products launched in US in 2013

'No high fructose corn syrup' claims featured on 2.35% of new products launched in 2013

19-Sep-2014 - 'No high fructose corn syrup' claims featured on around 2.35% of the 20,000+ new products launched in the US in 2013, compared with 2.30% of new products launched in 2012, 2.09% in 2011 and 1.56% in 2010.

Financial assistance has spurred higher rates of organic certification in Europe

Organic production: To certify or not?

19-Sep-2014 - Subsidies have led to high rates of organic certification in Europe – while costs and confusion often prevent US organic producers from certifying their products, according to a new study.

Sensient: 'With Smoothenol 2G you can mask specific attributes like bitter or astringency while still allowing the aromatic flavor profiles to shine through'

Sensient unveils next-generation technology to tackle off notes from stevia, caffeine, nutraceuticals...

19-Sep-2014 - Chicago-based Sensient Flavors has unveiled a new toolbox of natural flavor masking ingredients that can tackle bitterness associated with everything from stevia to caffeine by selectively targeting multiple taste receptors.

So Delicious Dairy Free has notched up a compound annual growth rate of 30%+ over the past five years

WhiteWave Foods to buy SO Delicious Dairy Free in $195m deal to expand its plant-based foods empire

18-Sep-2014 - UPDATED: WhiteWave Foods has struck a deal to buy SO Delicious Dairy Free for $195m in cash in a bid to expand its presence in the fast-growing plant-based foods category. 

Nesquik and Girl Scouts launch cookie-inspired flavored milks

Nesquik and Girl Scouts of the USA launch cookie-inspired flavored milks

18-Sep-2014 - Nesquik has partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA to launch two flavored milk drinks inspired by the youth organization's famous cookies.

INDUSTRY VOX POP: What does natural & clean label mean?

INDUSTRY VOX POP: Do natural claims still resonate with consumers? Mamma Chia, Runa, Saffron Road, Cargill et al weigh in

18-Sep-2014 - Are consumers weary of 'all-natural' claims? And if so, what other cues do they look for on pack to see if a brand fits in with their values? We quizzed the bosses of some innovative food brands, ingredients suppliers and branding experts to find out … 

Bai Brands goes sparkling with Bai Bubbles, warns CSDs are ‘dying’

Bai Brands goes sparkling with Bai Bubbles, warns CSDs ‘dying on the vine’

18-Sep-2014 - Bai Brands founder Ben Weiss says he believes carbonated soft drinks are ‘dying on the vine and need true variety’ as his firm aims to disrupt the category with sparkling line Bai Bubbles.

General Mills, ConAgra, Kevita new products gallery

New products gallery: Cinnamon Toast Crunch turns 30, ConAgra makes snacking ‘guilt-free’, Kevita’s kombucha for the mainstream

17-Sep-2014 - Here’s a look at the latest and greatest in new product launches—from General Mills making the old new to kombucha for all, bean-based chips, eggless eggs, and protein-packed chips and even gummies.

According to commercial insights data from ConAgra Mills, only about 2.5% of US households are heavy buyers of gluten-free products

FDA survey shows excellent compliance for gluten-free labeled foods, but what about non-labeled gluten-free?

17-Sep-2014 - Almost 99% of foods labeled as gluten-free in the US are in compliance, with 1.1% mislabeled/misbranded because of the presence of gluten above an acceptable threshold. But the numbers are far higher for non-labeled ‘gluten-free’ foods, says a new survey from the FDA.

General Mills paid $820m for Annie's: 'There is a pitfall in buying in, especially for a company as big as General Mills,' says Mintel

Can General Mills overcome the Annie’s acquisition backlash?

17-Sep-2014 - General Mills has defended the future of Annie’s natural and organic snacks under its ownership, but two experts say the company will have to work hard to beat the critics.

The Brazilian market for luxury chocolate is small but set to grow, the Latin American Chocolate Congress has heard

Brazilian premium choc market to grow 26% by 2020 as middle class buys in

17-Sep-2014 - Brand power and ingredient quality are the two principal factors that define a premium chocolate in the Brazilian market and the middle class wants more of it, according to the results of an exclusive survey shown to ConfectioneryNews by the Brazilian Association of Cocoa, Chocolate, Peanut, Candy and By-products’ Industries (ABICAB).

The ancient grain cereals are made with a blend of quinoa, millet, amaranth and gluten-free rolled oats

Ancient Harvest CEO: ‘Entry into the hot cereal category was an obvious choice’

17-Sep-2014 - Ancient Harvest’s hot cereal range plays to a consumer focus on protein, gluten-free and nutrition at breakfast, says the firm's CEO.