Dairy-free desserts could double or triple in 5 years, DF Mavens

US dairy-free frozen desserts market could double or triple in five years, predicts ‘Godfather of ice cream’

26-Nov-2014 - The US dairy-free frozen desserts category could “double or triple” in the next five years as more consumers explore almond, coconut and other alternatives, predicts ice cream guru Malcolm Stogo, who is now bidding for a slice of the non-dairy action with his new DF (dairy-free) Mavens brand.

Measure 92: Dec 12 deadline for Oregon GMO labeling vote recount

Measure 92: Officials set Dec 12 deadline for Oregon GMO labeling recount

26-Nov-2014 - As widely predicted, county clerks in Oregon have been ordered by Secretary of State Kate Brown to conduct a hand recount of votes on GMO labeling initiative Measure 92 by December 12.

The future of high-protein is in cookies says Lenny & Larry's - 'people always thought you had to eat a bar to get some protein...'

High-protein cookies definitely hold mass market appeal, says Lenny & Larry’s

26-Nov-2014 - High-protein cookies will continue to soar in the mass market, says the president of Lenny & Larry’s as the company plans more US roll-outs in mass stores.

Comax flavors predicts top flavor trends for 2015

Vanilla walnut fig, Vietnamese iced coffee & savory butter: Comax unveils hot flavor trends for 2015

26-Nov-2014 - From bold Asian and Hispanic flavors, to nuts, gourmet coffee, and all-day-breakfasts, New York-based Comax Flavors highlights four hot trends likely to influence food and beverage development in 2015.

Private equity firm snaps up Aussie-style yogurt brand Noosa

Private equity firm snaps up Aussie-style yogurt brand Noosa

25-Nov-2014 - Aussie-style yogurt brand, Noosa Finest Yoghurt, has been snapped up by Advent International for an undisclosed sum. 

Food & beverage entrepreneurs to watch, coffee leaf tea, hummus

Food & beverage entrepreneurs to watch: From Bulgarian yogurt and ‘other bean hummus’ to coffee leaf tea

25-Nov-2014 -

Many food manufacturers are still "aggressively reducing sodium", says NuTek Salt, but they are not shouting about it from the rooftops anymore

Will proposals to mandate potassium labeling on the Nutrition Facts panel give potassium-chloride based sodium replacers a shot in the arm?

25-Nov-2014 - Some food manufacturers still worry that using potassium chloride to replace salt in their recipes might compromise their clean label credentials. But the FDA’s recent proposal to include potassium as one of the nutrients that must be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel is helping to change that mindset, says NuTek Salt.

Sodium reduction: has all the low-hanging fruit been plucked?

Sodium reduction: Has all the low-hanging fruit been plucked?

25-Nov-2014 - Food manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce sodium, but surveys suggest many shoppers are, well, not that bothered. So where does this leave firms plugging sodium reduction solutions? 

Menu labeling rules: A quick guide, plus industry reaction

Menu labeling rules: A quick guide, plus industry reaction

25-Nov-2014 - The FDA released its much-anticipated final rules on calorie information on menus and vending machines today as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Brett Carver, Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University. Source: Whole Grains Council

5 myths about wheat and whole grains dispelled

25-Nov-2014 - The ideas that wheat is genetically modified, bred to have more gluten, is addictive and causes inflammation are “myths” that the Whole Grains Council wants to bust.

Advanced technology eases sodium reduction efforts

Advanced technology eases sodium reduction efforts

25-Nov-2014 - Advances in technology can help firms more quickly and easily reduce sodium in breads and grain-based packaged foods – a previously repetitive and expensive trial and error process, according to Janice Johnson, food applications leader in salt at Cargill.

Double-the-price US milk brand Fairlife will ‘rain money’: Coca-Cola

Double-the-price US premium Fairlife milk brand will ‘rain money’: Coca-Cola

25-Nov-2014 - Coca-Cola is confident its premium Fairlife milk brand, due to launch across the US next month, will "rain money" once established in the market.

AHA education campaign pressures food manufacturers to reduce sodium

AHA education campaign pressures food manufacturers to reduce sodium

25-Nov-2014 - The American Heart Association says its recently launched consumer education campaign encouraging Americans to “break up with excess salt” seeks to “build an army of passionate and willing supporters” to pressure food manufacturers to reduce sodium in packaged foods. 

Salt substitutes help reduce blood pressure

Salt substitutes help reduce blood pressure

25-Nov-2014 - Efforts to reduce consumer blood pressure and risk of hypertension by replacing normal salt with blends of potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate and less sodium chloride are working, but may be more effective in countries where the majority of salt comes from home cooking, according to a meta-analysis in the December American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

Market data points towards continued quiet reformulation of salt levels in foods, but could an increasing interest in gourmet table salts cause a headache for salt reduction policies?

'Quiet’ salt reduction is vital – but gourmet salt growth may stifle industry efforts

25-Nov-2014 - Salt replacer use is growing but low salt claims are not, as food companies favour a ‘quiet’ approach – but growth in gourmet table salts may threaten salt reduction efforts.

Using sprouted brown rice flour can increase antioxidant activity and lower the GI value of gluten-free breads

Sprouting for ‘superior’ gluten-free bread: Study

25-Nov-2014 - Sprouted brown rice flour can increase the protein, lipid and antioxidant activity in gluten-free breads, finds research.

Japanese tea fields.  Photo courtesy of Calli O'Brien.

Sales of loose and bagged tea up 5.9% in 2013, hitting $1.8 billion, ABC report finds

24-Nov-2014 - Sales of herbal and other teas increased by 5.9% in the United States in 2013, capping off a decade of solid growth, according to a market report by the American Botanical Council.  It was ABC’s first such report on the tea sector.

Is cocoa melting away or have shortfall predictions been overplayed?

Chocolate shortage ‘overstated in the extreme’, says ICCO

24-Nov-2014 - The International Cocoa Organization has quelled media reports of a chocolate crisis in 2020 and says there are sufficient cocoa stocks for the next five years.

Coca-Cola cashes in on health-conscious consumers buying mini-cans

Coca-Cola cashes in on health-conscious consumers paying more for less

24-Nov-2014 - The Coca-Cola Company is making bank on consumers who are willing to pay more for less soda in the name of health and wellness. 

ChaiElixir promises a 'full-bodied experience with a really robust flavor profile but with a clean taste'

ChaiElixir CEO: We’re a sparkling chai tea beverage; there is really nothing like this on the market

24-Nov-2014 - If you don’t like taking risks, don’t go into the beverage industry, says the founder of ChaiElixir, an Oklahoma City based start-up selling sparkling tea. “A significant portion of new products do not make it past year one or two, but that’s the nature of the industry, so you’ve just got to do your due diligence and be prepared to take a risk.