Zevia CEO: 'US consumers have rejected mid-calorie sodas resoundingly'

Beverage Entrepreneurs Forum: Is mid-calorie cola a failed concept, why Keurig Cold may disappoint, and is ‘healthy’ in the eye of the beholder?

24-Jul-2014 - While beverage’s biggest guns have pumped some serious cash into developing ‘mid-calorie’ versions of their iconic brands (Dr Pepper TEN, Pepsi Next, Coca-Cola Life), not everyone is convinced they will deliver the incremental growth to the ailing soda category that's been promised.

Big Time Tea Co (Little Me Tea) founder Melinda Hicks says the tea for kids category has legs, but building a new brand and a category takes time and money

Beverage Entrepreneurs Forum: This is the only business where you send a customer an invoice, and you end up owing them money!

24-Jul-2014 - Launching a beverage brand is the easy part. The challenge is growing and sustaining it without running out of cash, steam or patience, delegates were told at the FoodNavigator-USA Beverage Entrepreneurs Forum.

Mars Chocolate North America ups wholesale prices 7%....1% lower than Hershey's price hike

Mars Chocolate North America follows Nestlé and Hershey with price hike

23-Jul-2014 - Mars Chocolate North America has become the latest to introduce wholesale price increases after similar moves from Nestlé and Hershey.

Agropur to double US presence with Davisco Foods acquisition

Agropur to double US presence with Davisco Foods acquisition

23-Jul-2014 - Canadian dairy Agropur has agreed to acquire the processing assets of Minnesota cheese and whey ingredients manufacturer Davisco Foods International - a deal that will double its US operational presence.

Mike Post, on the role of cooking shows in expanding use of preserves: “Consumers may see a cooking show where the host adds a jar of raspberry preserves to a savory dish and they go, ‘I never thought of that.’”

Jams, jellies go beyond smearing on toast

23-Jul-2014 - Whether it’s bringing bold heat, blending unusual flavors, adding a punch of superfruit or cleaning up the label, Millennials are driving food trends on the supermarket shelf and shaking up the longtime pantry staple of jams and jellies in the process, says Portland, OR-based Trailblazer Foods, one of the largest producers of preserves, jellies, table syrups, shredded and flaked coconut, pie filling and glazes. 

The gluten-free egg white chips contain 7g of protein per serving and less than half the fat of fried potato chips

From semiconductors to snacks: Egg white chips entrepreneur rides crest of protein wave

23-Jul-2014 - A mechanical engineer with a keen interest in semi-conductors, ips All Natural co-founder Sean Olson is not your typical food entrepreneur. But don’t let his résumé fool you. With an unusual product that taps into the protein trend, Olson reckons his egg white chips may just find the sweet spot in the healthier snacks market.

Grupo Bimbo bolstered by strong European performance; PepsiCo sees slight uptick in Asia, Middle East & Africa

Q2 ‘wrap’: Grupo Bimbo sharp profit rise, PepsiCo profits dip

23-Jul-2014 - Grupo Bimbo’s Q2 net profit surged 72.6% on the previous year as sales rose slightly, whereas PepsiCo’s net profit dipped 2% despite steady sales.

Leach: “You don’t want to just incentivize trial; you want feedback on how the product is performing and you want people posting on social media, so a conversation with the consumer about your brand is highly appealing.”

Ibotta CEO: loyalty won’t come from a one-shot coupon; we're a truly social app

22-Jul-2014 - Bryan Leach, a law firm partner turned founder of mobile savings app Ibotta, has a different idea of how advertising should work in an increasingly mobile world. 

7.5oz Coke cans were a standout performer for the company in North America during Q2 2014

‘Coke's Mini Can Can!’ Muhtar Kent salutes small package 'romance'

22-Jul-2014 - The Coca-Cola Company CEO Muhtar Kent says the ‘romance of the smaller package’ is critical to building more romance around brands such as Coke in the US.

Frito-Lay is now looking to patent a corn-based baked product made using its method

Frito-Lay snack patent: It’s baked, but tastes fried

22-Jul-2014 - Frito-Lay has been granted a US patent for its manufacturing process to bake snacks that maintain the taste and texture of a fried product using a hydration step.

Reasonable consumers might assume that this product contains primarily cranberry & pomegranate juice, say the plaintiffs. But they would be wrong

Walmart sued over juice labels; echoes of POM Wonderful v Coke?

22-Jul-2014 - Six weeks after the Supreme Court gave POM Wonderful the green light to sue Coca-Cola over its juice labels, Walmart has been targeted in a consumer class action lawsuit making near-identical allegations.

Register for FoodNavigator-USA's beverage entrepreneurs forum

From almond milk to tea for kids: Last chance to register for FoodNavigator-USA's beverage entrepreneurs forum!

22-Jul-2014 - Will tea replace 100% juice in your child's lunchbox? And what's the next $1bn beverage brand? Find out what our panel of beverage entrepreneurs thinks at our free-to-attend online forum kicking off at 11.30am EDT tomorrow.

Andy Bellatti: “We are way overdue, in this country in particular, to have a conversation on the relentless marketing and advertising the food industry employs.”

Mexico restricts junk food ads; time for rethink on advertising?

22-Jul-2014 - Mexico announced last week that it was restricting television advertising on high-calorie food and soda in an effort to stem the rising tide of obesity. Registered dietitians weigh in on the impact of the measure, which is the farthest any country has gone to restrict advertising. 

Monster 'truly sorry' for teen heart attack but denies responsibility

Monster Energy 'truly sorry' for teen’s heart attack injury but denies responsibility

22-Jul-2014 - Monster Beverage Corporation has moved to quell investor disquiet as a jury trial starts to decide if it is liable for injury suffered by a teen whose mother claims its drinks caused his heart attack.

Act 120 has some high profile supporters including the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s, but critics say it will cost a fortune and provide zero consumer benefits

Activist groups file motion to help State of Vermont defend GMO labeling law vs 'corporate bullies'

21-Jul-2014 - The Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) and anti-GMO activist group the Center for Food Safety (CFS) have formally asked for permission to help the state of Vermont defend its new GMO labeling law in the wake of a legal challenge from food industry associations.

Campbell to launch over 200 new products

Campbell to launch over 200 new products

21-Jul-2014 - Campbell Soup Co. will launch more than 200 new products in fiscal 2015 to satisfy changing consumer tastes and help achieve its goal of becoming a profitable $10 billion company within five years, the packaged food and beverage giant said in an earnings call this week. 

Professor Kessler: 'To the harried shopper hoping to make some healthy choices, this label would offer a quick way of identifying high-calorie, obesity-inducing food'

Former FDA commissioner: Nutrition Facts overhaul doesn’t go far enough

21-Jul-2014 - FDA proposals to overhaul the Nutrition Facts panel on food labels are “strong” and “likely to make an important contribution”, says former FDA commissioner David Kessler, M.D. “But I believe they don't go far enough.”

Could new serving sizes on Nutrition Facts label backfire?

Behavioral scientists: Changing serving sizes on Nutrition Facts label could have unintended consequences

21-Jul-2014 - FDA proposals to change the way serving sizes are calculated to better reflect real-life eating behavior could encourage some people to eat even more unless the wording is changed or the move is accompanied by strong consumer education, behavioral science experts have warned.

State prosecutors take issue with 5-Hour Energy's 'No crash later' claim (Austin Kirk/Flickr)

‘5-Hour Energy’s simply a caffeine delivery device’: Washington AG savages $1bn brand

21-Jul-2014 - Washington state attorneys insist that 5-Hour Energy wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for its caffeine content in a fierce attack on the credibility of America’s top-selling shot.

Brand awareness of the “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters” slogan and logo increased from 11% in 2007 to 26% in 2012, though consumption levels remained unchanged, at 1.8 cups per day.

Are ‘eat more fruit and veg’ campaigns actually working?

21-Jul-2014 - Policy efforts to increase fruit and vegetable consumption across the developed world have resulted in modest gains and increased awareness (most notably among children), yet largely they’ve fallen short in impacting long-term consumption behavior, according to a review by University of Sydney researchers.