Sprouted flours are ‘the next big thing” Baker Peter Reinhart predicts

Sprouted flours are ‘the next big thing,” baker Peter Reinhart predicts

21-Nov-2014 - Sprouted grain flour is gaining traction with food manufacturers and consumers alike thanks to its sweeter taste, longer shelf life, increased nutrient bioavailability and overall better baking experience, claims Peter Reinhart, a chef and cookbook author. 

The new IFF flavors creative center in Jakarta, Indonesia, incorporates advanced sustainability principles covering heat, water and emission management

IFF expands emerging markets footprint with new state-of-the art facilities in Indonesia and Chile

21-Nov-2014 - International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has opened a state-of-the-art flavors creative facility in Jakarta, Indonesia; and will open a sales office and applications laboratories in Santiago, Chile, on November 26.

Is the high-protein craze backed by sound science?

Does the high-protein craze make sense from a nutritional perspective?

21-Nov-2014 - Protein is hot - and big brands are piling more of it into everything from breakfast cereal to ice cream. Yet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans say “inadequate protein intake in the US is rare”. So does this trend make sense from a nutritional perspective?

Left-right: Wize Monkey founders Arnaud Petitvallet (COO) and Max Rivest (CEO)

Coffee: The next big thing in tea? Wize Monkey prepares to unveil coffee leaf tea

21-Nov-2014 - By unlocking the potential of the coffee fruit, enterprising companies from Bai Brands and KonaRed (beverages) to CF Global (coffee flour) and VDF Futureceuticals (nutraceuticals) have already proved that the coffee bean is not the only thing the coffee plant has going for it. But could the coffee leaf turn out to be an even bigger untapped opportunity?

Natural Grocers sells only organic produce.

Natural Grocers notches $521 million in sales in fiscal 2014, sets sights on 100-store goal in 2015

21-Nov-2014 - Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage reported strong revenue growth for the fourth quarter of its 2014 fiscal year. Net sales grew by 17.8% over the same period in 2014 and were up by 20.9% for the fiscal year.  The company notched $520.7 million in net sales for 2014.

Genetically modified crops have 'significant' benefits in terms of improving crop yield, farmer profits, and reducing pesticide use, according to a new review of 147 trials.

‘Robust’ evidence for GM crop benefits, says meta-analysis

21-Nov-2014 - Genetically modified crops offer ‘large and significant’ benefits in both developed and developing countries, according to a new meta-analysis.

Keurig Green Mountain will launch Keurig Cold next fall

Keurig Green Mountain expects quick consumer uptake when Keurig Cold launches next fall

21-Nov-2014 - Keurig Green Mountain is “well on target” to expand beyond hot drinks into the much larger cold beverage category as early as next fall with the launch of its Keurig Cold carbonation system in North America, the firm’s CEO confirmed Nov. 19.

'Seaweed ticks so many boxes the market is crying out for,' said Dr Craig Rose from Seaweed Health Foundation

Can seaweed become the ultimate salt replacer – and why hasn't it yet?

21-Nov-2014 - Seaweed is well-researched, sustainable and effective, according to an expert. So what is stopping it from really taking off as a salt replacer?

Mandatory reformulation could lead to a 20% reduction in per capita salt consumption

Mandatory salt reduction could save more in healthcare costs: Study

21-Nov-2014 - Mandatory salt reduction may save more in healthcare costs than the current voluntary system, say the authors of a study published in Value in Health.

The Pope said food was susceptible to manipulation by complaints of the economic crisis

Pope Francis: Food has been reduced to a commodity

20-Nov-2014 - Market pre-eminence has reduced food to a commodity subject to financial speculation, Pope Francis told attendees at a major nutrition conference in Rome this morning.

CSPI asks FDA to add sesame to list of allergens, mandate labeling

CSPI asks FDA to add sesame to list of allergens, mandate labeling

20-Nov-2014 - FDA should protect the estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Americans who are dangerously allergic to sesame by mandating the ingredient be labeled clearly when in foods and when products are made on the same machinery as foods with the ingredient, the Center for Science in the Public Interest argues.

Elevation Brands launches Sriracha Fire Sticks as adult-friendly gluten-free entree.

The gluten-free category still has room to grow in entrees & decadent desserts, Elevation Brands CEO says

20-Nov-2014 - Even though Ian’s Natural Foods specializes in gluten-free foods, the CEO of Elevation Brands is not worried about a negative impact on the firm if the gluten-free fad ever fades because he says the Framingham, Mass., firm’s products hold broad consumer appeal. 

"The processed foods era is over – the era of nutrition is here."

Functional Foods: The end of the processed foods era?

20-Nov-2014 - To understand Functional Foods you must see it as a strategy to add value to processed foods, says the president and founder of the HealthyMarketingTeam, Peter Wennstrom, in this guest article.

Mellentin: "If you want to see the future of functional food, look down at the small entrepreneurial brands..."

Phood booed: Why big pharma fails at functional food

20-Nov-2014 - Faced with mounting difficulties in their drug businesses, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking at getting into functional foods and beverages, notes food marketing expert, Julian Mellentin in this guest article.

Can Kellogg's NPD save some of its under-performing US cereal brands?

Kellogg NPD flurry: Gluten-free, protein and sprouted grains

20-Nov-2014 - Kellogg will liven up its US cereal portfolio with seven new products set for launch at the end of this year.

Kombucha is typically made by fermenting tea with a mixture of live bacteria and yeast, so using brewed organic coffee as a base brings something new to the category, says Reed's

Reed's CEO: Mainstream supermarkets are embracing kombucha now

20-Nov-2014 - While mainstream food retailers discovered kombucha later than their counterparts in the ‘natural’ channel, they are playing catch-up now, says natural soda maker Reed’s, which entered the market in 2012 with its Culture Club kombucha range and now claims to be the #2 player behind GT’s Kombucha. 

Ignorance leads some supplement, food manufacturers to incorrectly report protein values, consultant says

Ignorance leads some supplement, food manufacturers to incorrectly report protein values, consultant says

19-Nov-2014 - Protein fortification is a red hot trend in the market, but one formulation expert questions whether all of the information on the protein portions of those product labels is being reported correctly.

General Mills settles ‘100% natural’ Nature Valley lawsuit

General Mills settles ‘100% natural’ Nature Valley lawsuit; does not admit liability

19-Nov-2014 - General Mills has agreed that it will not use the term ‘100% natural’ to describe Nature Valley bars that contain certain ‘artificially produced’ ingredients in order to settle a long-running false advertising lawsuit*.

Study debunks fears added sugar on Nutrition Facts confuses consumers

Study debunks manufacturer fears labeling added sugar would confuse consumers

19-Nov-2014 - Most Americans believe knowing how much added sugar is in a food would be helpful, according to a recent study that contradicts food manufacturers’ concerns that a proposal to differentiate added and naturally occurring sugar on the Nutrition Facts label would confuse consumers. 

Schools need manufacturers’ help to meet new whole grain requirements

Schools need manufacturers’ help to meet new whole grain requirements

19-Nov-2014 - The higher cost and lack of familiarity with whole grains are complicating some schools’ efforts to comply with requirements to serve 100% whole grains that went into effect last July, according to school dietitians.