Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: How ugly produce can help companies cut costs & generate sales

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Ugly produce can help cut costs & generate sales

Most Americans are trained from a very young age to believe that beautiful is better – even when it comes to food – but as most people also know, this isn’t always true.

Reishi Mushrooms. Image © iStock / 9770880_224

Reishi reigns! Mushroom products continue impressive growth in food and beverage space

Taste Test Friday: hummus, balsamic, marinara & four fast salads

Taste Test Friday: DIY hummus, bright balsamic, luscious marinara & four fast salads

LADA accounts for 9% of all adult-onset diabetes and therefore constitutes an important part of the diabetes spectrum. ©iStock/Piotr Adamowicz

A couple of sugary drinks daily ‘doubles diabetes risk,’ study shows

Tiger Buck has launched a beef jerky to target the bar snacks market.

Tiger Buck jerky to fill gap in premium drinking snacks market

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Pea protein specialist branches out into whole pulse powders

Pea protein specialist branches out into whole pulse powders

WILD is at SIAL, Paris this week.

WILD on trend with vegan protein power drinks and Clarisoy dessert toppings

© iStock / Kritchanut

M&A: Stratas Foods acquires Supreme Oil Company

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© iStock / Anna Ivanova

'Confusion' best describes global regulation of aloe, expert says

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3 strategies buoying soft drink sales in the face of volume declines

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A shifting perception of responsibility for healthy diet makes food policy political touch point

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Do steaks come from this animal in the mind of most carnivore shoppers? ©iStock

Do you eat meat? What about animals? Scientists slice open a carnivore's paradox

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Cocoa flavanols offer ‘modest but significant’ benefits for heart disease risk factors

InsideTracker CEO: ‘Personalized supplementation is here’

InsideTracker CEO: ‘Personalized supplementation is here’

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Nestlé's Vervey, Switzerland, HQ. © iStock

Nestlé lowers full-year sales outlook

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Trendspotting at FNCE: Watermelon, peanut butter, dried fruit & veggie bowls grab attention

Jute bags to transport cocoa and recyled paperboard packaging among the sources of mineral oils contamination in chocolate. ©iStock/Picsfive

Oil spills: How to combat mineral oils in chocolate

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Source: Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping creates new seal, incubator to identify & help develop healthier products

Pepsi will increase its focus on zero and low calorie drinks. Pic: iStock/Radu Bercan

PepsiCo sets sugar reduction targets

Source: E. Crawford

Spindrift finds cans better distinguish sparkling water from soda

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Beetnik's organic gluten-free entrees now in 4,300 stores

Beetnik CEO: ‘I’m a chef. If someone doesn’t like my product, I take it super-personally’

Jamieson Leadbetter: 'Once I got into gluten free in a big way, I realized I had to abandon all of my instincts as a baker and think like a food scientist'

Leadbetter's realigns to focus on allergy-friendly manufacturing: ‘Our growth curve is very steep’

American Egg Board: 'There were no findings of violation of the Act or Order.'

American Egg Board to get 'ethics training' after USDA uncovers 'inappropriate behavior' over Hampton Creek

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Trendspotting at FNCE: Watermelon, peanut butter, dried fruit & veggie bowls grab attention

NEW PRODUCTS: From kefir cups & birch water to Smart jerky

NEW PRODUCTS GALLERY: From kefir cups and fruity birch water to jerky (minus the meat)

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Authenticity, emotional connection sell brands better than free-from claims, Foodmix survey finds



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