Food and Agriculture Research: The Key to Feeding a Hungry and Growing World

Food and Agriculture Research: The Key to Feeding a Hungry and Growing World

29-Oct-2014 - The food and agriculture industries are incredibly important parts of the U.S. and world economies. Food and agriculture exports are critical to farm incomes in the United States and in many parts of the developing world. Open markets for agriculture goods are especially critical for importing countries in the developing world as these countries, which for a variety of reasons are not self-sufficient in food production, seek to provide a reliable source of food and nutrition for their citizens. The political and economic stability of most countries depends on a stable supply of food at reasonable prices.

Coconut products can never claim to be 'healthy' because of the saturated fats, says legal expert

Coconut products can never claim to be 'healthy' because of the saturated fats, says legal expert

29-Oct-2014 - One of the fastest growing ingredients right now, coconut often is touted as a superfood, but that does not mean products containing its oil, flesh or milk are “healthy,” a recent FDA warning letter reminds the food and beverage industries. 

The proliferation of pretzel crisps is one indicator of the mini-renaissance going on in the chip category. Photo courtesy of Snack Factory

‘Snack’ is in the eye of the beholder

29-Oct-2014 - In a nation of consumers who like their names on their Cokes and the chance to have a say in the next Lay’s potato chip flavor or create the next Dorito’s commercial, it’s no wonder that eating occasions themselves are now just as customizable—no longer slotted simply into breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Hershey's Q3 Brazil and Mexico sales to drag down full-year international growth

Hershey lowers full-year forecast after international glitch

29-Oct-2014 - Hershey has lowered its full year guidance after a slowdown in Brazil and Mexico and a gross profit margin decline due to higher dairy and cocoa costs.

Our comprehensive meta-analysis provides clear evidence to support the benefits of consuming polyunsaturated fat as a replacement for saturated fat, said Harvard professor Frank Hu.

Saturated fat replacement linked with lower risk of heart disease: Meta analysis

29-Oct-2014 - Swapping just five percent of calories from saturated fat with foods containing the polyunsaturated fat linoleic acid have a lower risk of heart disease, finds a new analysis of current evidence.

Whole Foods ups sustainability ante with new ad campaign

Whole Foods ups sustainability ante with new ad campaign

28-Oct-2014 - Whole Foods Markets has decided to go big, with a national TV ad campaign that kicked off during a recent World Series game.  The message is one of “values,” talking about the natural grocery store chain’s commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Packaged Facts private label maturing

Private label evolving; hindered by still tepid economy

28-Oct-2014 - Private label growth has slowed from the last several years when consumers flocked to the category due to the recession, according to a report from Packaged Facts. While retailers continue to launch and promote store brand products, a persistently sluggish economy and higher food prices have hampered consumer spending on food and beverage products across the board.

Simply 7 Snacks on healthy snacking, quinoa, hummus & lentils

Simply 7 Snacks: If you’re making a quinoa chip, consumers expect quinoa to be the first ingredient

28-Oct-2014 - While Beanitos probably has a higher profile, fellow Texan chip maker Simply7 snacks has quietly carved out an equally impressive niche in the better-for-you snacks aisle over the past four years with hummus, lentil, quinoa and pink pomegranate chips that adhere to its ‘seven principles’.

Special K Protein delivers 10 g protein per 22 serving - made possible using wheat gluten, soy protein isolates and added lysine

Kellogg NPD scientist: Protein has plenty of challenges

27-Oct-2014 - Cereal and plant proteins hold huge potential for breakfast cereal and snack bar fortification but taste and texture remain challenging, say Kellogg’s lead product development scientist.

Cacao nut is Exo's most popular flavor

Exo cricket bar founder: ‘It’s been a constant game of not running out of product’

27-Oct-2014 - Food technology startup Exo has closed a $1.2 million seed funding round, which will help the cricket-fueled protein bar maker expand its product line and dramatically boost production to keep up with the “surprising” level of demand, its co-CEO says.

Breakfast-skippers may over-eat to compensate for low dopamine levels: Study

Breakfast-skippers may over-eat to compensate for low dopamine levels: Study

27-Oct-2014 - Eating protein-rich breakfasts may increase levels of dopamine in the brain, which may reduce food cravings and overeating later in the day, says a new study from the University of Missouri.

General Mills: 'All of our research shows that consumers are eating more ancient grains and there is not a brand better positioned to launch this product than Cheerios'

General Mills develops ancient grains Cheerios

27-Oct-2014 - General Mills will launch ancient grains Cheerios to take the fast-growing trend into mainstream cereal, its marketing manager for cereal innovation says.

Image: SodaStream Global

Pepsi’s 'homemade' SodaStream test: Sales trickle or treat?

27-Oct-2014 - As PepsiCo inks a deal with SodaStream to test launch its brands on the platform, Euromonitor analyst Jonas Feliciano says demand for such Pepsi-branded products is ‘debatable’.

Dr Pepper's Penafiel range (Image: DPS)

Dr Pepper hopes for Hispanic ‘home run’ with Mexican sparkling waters brand Penafiel

27-Oct-2014 - As one analyst suggests that Dr Pepper Snapple Group has hit a ‘home run’ with Mexican mineral water brand Penafiel, the company says it hopes to increase distribution in the US.

“While placement of junk food within children's reach was thought to increase requests for unhealthy food, moving these items out of reach and making healthy foods appear more enticing to children could reverse this effect,” suggested the team.

Researchers urge retailers to replace kids’ ‘eye level’ junk food

27-Oct-2014 - Policies aimed at encouraging families and children to eat healthier could be aided by retailers that place healthier food options at the eye level of children, say researchers.

Zero-calorie sweeteners: There's not enough human evidence to warrant new advice

Do zero-calorie sweeteners increase diabetes risk?

27-Oct-2014 - “Artificial sweeteners may boost diabetes risk” ran the headline in the New York Times last month – but experts have said to take recent research with a pinch of salt.

DuPont Nutrition & Health on snacking trends and soy protein

DuPont: Snacking accounts for up to a quarter of American kids’ daily calories, so we need to make them count

27-Oct-2014 - The percentage of energy derived from snacks in the American diet has increased from 12% in the late 1970s to 24% in 2009/10, according to analysis of National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) data. 

MySuperFoods founder on healthy snacking for kids

Desperately seeking healthy snacks for young kids? 'After baby foods, there's sort of a void,' says MySuperFoods

27-Oct-2014 - Browse the baby food aisles and everything is pretty healthy, as your baby’s body is a temple, right? But then things change, say the founders of MySuperFoods, which was set up by two Moms that were underwhelmed by the snack options available to children once they ditch the diapers.

Eggs: Back in vogue?

US egg consumption highest it's been in 7 years: ‘Protein is where there is a big opportunity right now.’

24-Oct-2014 - Egg prices have risen steadily in the past three years, and firms touting plant-based proteins as an alternative have attracted a huge amount of media attention. But new data suggests that this has not damped demand for eggs, with per capita consumption now the highest it’s been for seven years.

Ganeden gets foreign ingredient approvals to boost growth

Ganeden gets foreign ingredient approvals to boost growth

24-Oct-2014 - Probiotic ingredient supplier Ganeden Biotech is expanding its horizons, and is looking to foreign markers for additional growth.