CA soda warning label: commonsense or red-tape nightmare?

24-Apr-2014 - Earlier this month, a California Senate committee approved a bill to mandate warning labels on sugary beverages. As SB 1000 awaits votes in the Senate Committee on Appropriations later this month before a full Senate floor vote, the question of public health versus consumer choice is the focus of the debate between the two sides. 

Unilever hints at offloading Ragu and SlimFast brands as food sales fall short

24-Apr-2014 - Food and consumer goods giant Unilever has hinted at the sale of brands including Ragu and SlimFast as growth from its food business struggles to compete with better-than-expected Q1 results in other divisions.

What do you do? Lorie Staley, R&D technical services manager at Sabra Dipping Co.

24-Apr-2014 - In the latest edition of FoodNavigator-USA’s What do you do? series, we talked with head of the technical services, nutrition and regulatory departments at hummus manufacturing giant Sabra about the growing collaboration between human nutrition and food chemistry, making a mark on the fresh dip industry, and the wonders of warm hummus.

‘It seems like Hawaiian Punch is sort of dying’: Analyst delivers Dr Pepper punchline

24-Apr-2014 - Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) CEO Larry Young insists his firm will ‘never give up’ on Hawaiian Punch after one financial analyst suggested that the brand might be a busted flush.

Chobani secures $750m investment to fund expansion, innovation plans

24-Apr-2014 - Greek yogurt maker Chobani has secured a $750m investment from private equity firm TPG Capital and its dedicated credit platform TPG Opportunities Partners to help fund its expansion and innovation plans.

Vermont GMO labeling bill heads to governor's desk. But can it withstand a First Amendment challenge?

23-Apr-2014 - A bill requiring foods produced with genetic engineering be labeled in Vermont has passed the house and the senate, and now just needs Governor Peter Shumlin’s signature to be signed into law. However, legal experts say a First Amendment challenge could be tough to defend.

Chapul cricket bars founder: ‘Our marketing approach has been absolute, utter optimism’

23-Apr-2014 - As one of the forerunners of the commercialization of edible insects in the US, Chapul, makes its first big push into the national market with its cricket protein bars, founder Pat Crowley caught up with FoodNavigator-USA on the enviable efficiency of insect rearing and the importance of optimism when pioneering new markets. 

ConAgra sells Medallion Foods

23-Apr-2014 - Private label salty snack manufacturer Shearer’s Foods has acquired the assets of the Medallion Foods business from ConAgra Foods for $33.5 million.

Judge throws out lawsuit alleging HFCS caused girl’s type 2 diabetes

23-Apr-2014 - A product liability lawsuit alleging high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is to blame for a teenage girl’s type 2 diabetes has been dismissed by a federal judge in New York.

Single serve pods account for 41.2% of dollar sales of ground coffee in the US

23-Apr-2014 - More than four out of every 10 dollars spent on ground coffee in the US is now spent on single-serve pods such as K-Cups, according to the latest Nielsen data.

Sales of low or zero calorie Pepsi soft drinks plunged 8.4% in the latest four week period

Carbonated soft drinks sales in free fall, says Nielsen data

23-Apr-2014 - Dollar sales of diet soda plunged 9.5% in the four weeks to April 12, while sales of regular soda fared hardly any better (- 2.4%), as Americans sought out other options from energy drinks (+8.9%) to sparkling water (+24.5%), according to the latest Nielsen data.

General Mills has apologized that it even considered changing its legal terms to include an arbitration clause

General Mills apologizes and backtracks on consumer legal policy

23-Apr-2014 - General Mills has reverted back to its old online legal terms following backlash and media outcry over its arbitration clause.

'I was astonished by this line of questioning.' More reaction to POM v Coke at the Supreme Court

22-Apr-2014 - The questions posed by Supreme Court Justices during oral arguments in a false advertising case brought by POM Wonderful against Coca Cola were nothing short of “astonishing”, according to one food law attorney that has been closely following the case.

Caliwater cactus drink founder: ‘We’re where Zico was 10 years ago’

22-Apr-2014 - Longtime friends and film and television industry colleagues Matt McKee and Melissa Reed’s plans for a locally sourced juice bar in downtown Los Angeles morphed into a beverage company whose flagship product is ready-to-drink prickly pear cactus water sourced from their own backyard. 

Whole Foods Market tests novel food waste technology developed by ex-Microsoft execs

22-Apr-2014 - Is there a smarter way to deal with food waste? One firm convinced the answer is ‘yes’ is WISErg - a start-up founded by two former Microsoft execs that have just convinced Whole Foods Market to give their patent-pending technology a test-drive at its Bellevue store.  

Punching holes in pop-science theory: Whole grains may cut inflammatory biomarkers in obese kids

22-Apr-2014 - Consuming whole-grain-rich foods for six weeks may slash levels of inflammatory biomarkers in overweight children, according to findings published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

2014: A probiotic space odyssey begins

Space…The final frontier for Yakult probiotics? 6-year study confirmed

22-Apr-2014 - Probiotic pioneer Yakult’s little bottles are to feature in a 6-year, gravity-free study at the International Space Station (ISS).

Hillshire Brands snaps up Van’s Natural Foods in $165m deal

22-Apr-2014 - Hillshire Brands has struck a $165m deal to buy frozen breakfast and snack foods maker Van's Natural Foods from private equity firm Catterton Partners.

The organic food industry has been engaged in a 'multi-decade public disinformation campaign', claims report

21-Apr-2014 - Consumers have spent years paying over the odds for organic foods based on the erroneous belief - promulgated by stakeholders with a vested interest - that they are healthier and safer than their conventional counterparts, claims a controversial new report.

POM v Coke at the Supreme Court: Who came out on top?

21-Apr-2014 - POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola both got a grilling at the Supreme Court on Monday as they traded blows in a false advertising case, but while the justices seemed to give Coke a tougher time, this doesn’t necessarily mean POM is going to emerge victorious, say legal experts.