New products from Califia Farms, Yoplait, Daiya, Evolution Fresh

New products gallery: Califia Farms unveils almond milk Horchatas, Yoplait to launch Plenti, and Daiya Foods introduces dairy free cheesecake

21-Apr-2015 - From dairy-free cheesecakes from Daiya Foods to almond milk horchatas from Califia Farms, more cold-pressed innovation from Evolution Fresh and fresh breath chews from Hershey, this month’s gallery is packed with innovative new food and beverage products.

FDA warning letter to KIND triggers wave of litigation

And now the lawsuits… FDA warning letter to KIND triggers wave of consumer litigation

20-Apr-2015 - As widely predicted, multiple class action lawsuits were filed against KIND on Friday following the publication of a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warning letter citing a long list of concerns over label claims on its bars and its website.

Chobani joins trade mission to Cuba led by Andrew Cuomo

Chobani CEO joins trade mission to Cuba led by Andrew Cuomo

20-Apr-2015 - Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya has joined other business leaders on a trade mission to Cuba led by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo - the first governor-led state trade mission to Cuba since President Obama began the process to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries.  

Kraft to cut artificial preservatives, colors in Mac & Cheese

Kraft to remove artificial colors & preservatives from Original Mac & Cheese in 2016

20-Apr-2015 - Kraft has unveiled plans to remove artificial preservatives and synthetic colors from its iconic Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in the U.S. starting January 2016. Meanwhile, Kraft Dinner Original in Canada will be free from synthetic colors by the end of next year.  

Taiyo carves out niche in natural caffeine market with slow-release whole green coffee bean ingredient

Taiyo carves out niche in natural caffeine market with slow-release whole green coffee bean ingredient

20-Apr-2015 - It’s been 10 years and more since ephedra was taken off the market and in that time the importance of caffeine as an energy and thermogenic ingredient has grown significantly.  Suppliers are competing to offer forms the compound that offer interesting functional tweaks, and Japanese ingredient supplier Taiyo International has brought to market a natural form that boasts a slow-release profile.

David Youngerman: 'Always keep a shortlist of superstars you might need to reach out to at some point in future.'

Recruitment focus: ‘The consumer products industry is facing a serious talent shortage’

20-Apr-2015 - While working at sexy new food & beverage companies such as Hampton Creek or Suja Juice sounds like a pretty exciting way to earn a living, the most talented people coming out of business school today are still more likely to pick technology or investment banking than consumer packaged goods (CPG), says one food and beverage recruitment expert.

Organic food sales up 11% 2014 politically geographic diverse shoppers

Organic food sales grow 11% in 2014 with politically, geographically diverse shoppers

20-Apr-2015 - Organic is outgrowing its moniker as a specialty category thanks to a double digit increase in sales last year by consumers nationwide of all political leanings and ethnic backgrounds, according to data from the Organic Trade Association. 

Pollution and water overconsumption for food production are largely to blame for water scarcity, the FAO says

FAO urges sustainability over immediate profits to safeguard water supplies

20-Apr-2015 - Water is likely to be sufficient for food production in 2050 – but increased competition means two-thirds of the world will be affected by water scarcity, according to a joint report from the FAO and the World Water Council.

Picture: FMC Biopolymer

Where next for hydrocolloids?

17-Apr-2015 - Once considered purely technical ingredients (thickeners, stabilizers, gelling agents), hydrocolloids are “going through a transformation from purely functional to nutritional ingredient status”, say the organizers of a conference dedicated to the $7bn market spanning everything from guar gum, cassia, cellulosics, and locust bean gum, to carrageenan.

Launched in 2009, Bai Brands has grown extremely rapidly in the past three years, generating revenues of $5.2m in 2012; $17m in 2013, and a predicted $50m in 2014. In 2015, it's aiming for $100m

Dr Pepper invests $15m in minority stake in Bai Brands

17-Apr-2015 - Dr Pepper Snapple Group has invested $15m in a minority stake in Bai Brands, which has generated explosive growth in multiple retail channels with its 'antioxidant infusion' low-calorie Bai5 beverages.

Hartman Group on the top food & beverage legacy brands

What are the top-performing legacy brands in US grocery?

17-Apr-2015 - There are plenty of billion-dollar brands in the CPG market, but just 8% of 213 ‘legacy’ US food and beverage brands analyzed by market researcher Hartman Group are outpacing inflation and category growth rates.

Seurat Group on the top 10 challenger brands in US food retail

What are the top 10 challenger brands in US food retail?

17-Apr-2015 - It’s no secret that smaller, emerging brands are winning the battle for consumers’ hearts, minds and wallets from larger, established players in the US food and beverage industry, but which ‘challenger’ brands really stand out in the crowd? And what are they doing differently?

MOM’s Organic Market’s sustainable mission drives business

MOM’s Organic Market’s sustainable mission drives business

17-Apr-2015 - The mid-Atlantic natural grocery chain MOM’s Organic Market dramatically cut operational costs, drove increased food traffic and reinforced its branding by incorporating sustainability into every aspect of its business. “Our purpose is to protect and restore the environment, and that drives every decision we make. This goes into operations, storage, supplies, purchasing policies” and marketing, said Charis Egland-Smith, environmental coordinator partnership manager for the 12-store and growing chain. At the Sustainability Learning Forum April 14 in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Sustainable Food Trade Association and Organic Trade Assocation, Egland-Smith walked attendees through the retailer’s decision-making process and benefits of using renewable energy, sustainable building materials, closed door refrigeration and LED lights. She also discussed how the retailer increased its customer-base by offering free recycling and electric car charging, and how it drove brand awareness through community partnership

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe: '3G’s partners are known in our industry for ruthless cost-cutting'

Nestlé chairman: ‘Kraft and Heinz products were extremely attractive in the past but are not sufficiently adapted for the future.’

16-Apr-2015 - Americans are falling out of love with many big legacy ‘processed food’ brands and the “financial markets have closely observed what is happening in our industry and acted quickly and decisively”, according to the chairman of the world’s biggest food company. 

Boulder Brands CEO on Millennials, food trends and crossover brands

Boulder Brands CEO: In 3-5 years there will be a bunch of $300-500m brands that you've never heard of today

16-Apr-2015 - As the rapid growth of brands such as Suja Juice and Just Mayo demonstrates, new, on-trend brands originating in the natural, gourmet or organic space can now ‘cross over’ into the mass market at record speed, such that companies we have never heard of today could be generating revenues of $300-500m tomorrow, predicts Boulder Brands CEO Steve Hughes.

Capri-Sun and Reignwood Group celebrate the official China launch

Beijing and beyond: Capri-Sun expands operations in China

16-Apr-2015 - Capri-Sun is expanding its presence in China, announcing a partnership with Reignwood Group that will give it the necessary sales and distribution muscle. 

3 firms expand into new territory with protein-packed snack launches

3 firms expand into new territory with protein-packed snack launches

16-Apr-2015 - Several well-established manufacturers are stepping out of their comfort zones and expanding into new categories or updating iconic brands to meet consumers’ ostensibly insatiable desire for protein-packed snacks. 

Ice Breakers Cool Blasts provide a number of solutions for the 'to chew or not to chew' issue, says Mintel analyst

Hershey’s fresh breath chews may dissolve gum sales further

16-Apr-2015 - Hershey has at last launched its anticipated Ice Breakers Cool Blasts Chews across the US, which could spell “doom” for already declining gum sales, according to one analyst.

KIND: 'We are fully committed to working alongside the FDA, and we’re moving quickly to comply with its request.”

KIND LLC working with FDA over string of labeling errors; consumer litigation could follow, predict attorneys

16-Apr-2015 - KIND LLC says it is working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to address a long list of concerns raised by the agency in a warning letter over label claims on its bars and its website.

Wild Oats organic products are now sold in 3,800 Walmart stores

Wild Oats organic products are now sold in 3,800 Walmart stores

15-Apr-2015 - Around 3,800 Walmart stores now carry at least 30 Wild Oats organic products, while 2,200 stores carry more than 70 items, says the retailer, which says customers are saving up to 25% compared with national brand organic products.