Rebranding meat jerky as health food drives sales, IBISWorld reports

Rebranding meat jerky as health food drives sales as category nears saturation, IBISWorld reports

26-Jan-2015 - The meat jerky industry is growing steadily thanks to innovative flavors, new all-natural options and an intentional repositioning of the food as a source of healthy, lean protein, market research from IBISWorld reports.

Mediation fails in Heinz Dip & Squeeze lawsuit

Mediation fails in lawsuit alleging Heinz stole idea for Dip & Squeeze; case is ‘groundless’ says Heinz

26-Jan-2015 - Attempts to use mediation to resolve a lawsuit alleging that Heinz stole the idea for its Dip & Squeeze ketchup packs have failed, with the case now likely to go to trial.

Investors aren't just buying into a product with Soylent, but a loyal online community of engaged users, says venture capital exec

SPECIAL FEATURE: So Soylent secures $20m… Money well spent?

26-Jan-2015 - While uncharitable observers have described Soylent as “only slightly more appealing than an IV bag”, news that the LA-based food substitute firm has just secured $20m in funding and is now generating “millions of dollars per month in subscription revenues” from a loyal online  fan base  suggests that it may be more appealing than first meets the eye.

Mountain Dew Kickstart: The original four flavors

PepsiCo's new Mountain Dew Kickstart flavors target ‘cross-cultural millennial males’

26-Jan-2015 - PepsiCo brand Mountain Dew Kickstart tells us its two new flavor lines with higher juice content, coconut water and slightly less caffeine are targeted at a core ‘cross cultural millennial male’ consumer.

Developing celiac doesn't hinge on when infants try gluten

Risk of developing celiac does not hinge on when infants first try gluten, study finds

23-Jan-2015 - When infants first eat gluten does not appear to influence whether they are diagnosed with celiac disease, but their socioeconomic status likely does, according to two recently published studies. 

Frito-Lay will launch Cheetos Sweetos across the US as a limited edition sweet snack in mid-February

Cheetos Sweetos: A ‘sweet’ way to latch on to younger snackers?

23-Jan-2015 - Frito-Lay’s upcoming sweet cinnamon snack Cheetos Sweetos will help the company latch on to a younger consumer base interested in sweet snacking, says Euromonitor International.

Where does the potential for edible insects really lie?

Does the edible bugs trend have the legs to succeed?

23-Jan-2015 - Not a week goes by without media headlines talking about the potential of insects to help feed the world. But where does that potential really lie?

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

Nature knows best? Global design challenge invites firms to use biomimicry to design a better food system

23-Jan-2015 - Modeling patterns or processes found in nature (think of solar cells inspired by a leaf) is a hot trend in industrial design, but could biomimicry be used to create a better food system?

Food & beverage packaging that punches above its weight

Dare to stand out! What food & beverage packaging designs punch above their weight?

23-Jan-2015 -

Firm gets warning letter for straddling beverage/liquid supplement divide

Firm gets warning letter for straddling beverage/liquid supplement divide

22-Jan-2015 - A recent FDA warning letter to a New York company points again to the danger of mixing metaphors when positioning a product as either a beverage or a liquid dietary supplement.

Private label penetration rates have not really budged since 2011, remaining stubbornly at around 16-17% of CPG dollar sales and 19-20% of unit sales, says IRI

CPG industry sales trends are ‘stagnant’, with dollar sales growth being largely driven by price increases, says IRI

22-Jan-2015 - Dollar sales of foods and beverages edged up a modest 2.1% to $470bn in the US retail market in 2014, but unit sales (an indication of volumes) were pretty flat (up just 0.9%), according to Chicago-based market research firm IRI.

HPP cold pressed Suja Juice predicts 2015 revenues of $70-80m

Suja Juice predicts revenues of $70-80m in 2015 as super-premium juice category explodes

22-Jan-2015 - There is room for new players in the burgeoning super-premium juice category, but the barriers to entry are pretty high, says San Diego-based Suja Juice, which exploded onto the scene in 2012, generated revenues of $18m in 2013, $45m in 2014 and is forecasting $70-80m in 2015.  

Technology reshapes how consumers buy food, Euromontior predicts

Technology is reshaping how consumers buy food in 2015, Euromontior predicts

22-Jan-2015 - Technology is reshaping how consumers discover, evaluate and select food – creating dichotomies to which manufacturers must adapt their marketing and product positioning, a recently released white paper evaluating consumer trends in 2015 by Euromonitor International reveals. 

Here comes the sun: Barry Callebaut develops milk and dark chocolate with 37.5°C melting point. Photo credit: Ananth BS

The fourth degree: Our heat tolerant chocolate doesn’t skimp on taste, says Barry Callebaut

22-Jan-2015 - Barry Callebaut says it has developed a thermo-tolerant chocolate that can withstand four degrees more heat than a standard chocolate recipe without compromising on taste.

Ellen R. Gordon appointed Tootsie Roll CEO and chairman after husband Melvin J.Gordon passes away

Tootsie Roll stalwart Melvin J. Gordon dies

22-Jan-2015 - Tootsie Roll Industries’ long-standing CEO and chairman of its Board of Directors Melvin J.Gordon has died aged 95.

The key ingredients for blood sugar management

The key ingredients for blood sugar management

22-Jan-2015 - With diabetes rates rising, many healthy people are starting to consider the effects of blood glucose levels and keeping them in the healthy range. In this gallery we look at the key ingredients in this growing sector. 

Photo: Skånska Matupplevelser / Flickr

High blood pressure? Just beet it! Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure in UK study

22-Jan-2015 - Drinking a cup of beetroot juice every day can ‘significantly lower blood pressure’ among patients with high blood pressure, according to a study in the journal Hypertension.

Sales of gluten-free products will continue to grow double digits

Sales of gluten-free products continue to grow double digits on quality, selection

21-Jan-2015 - Improving the quality and selection of gluten-free foods available in mainstream channels will help sales in the category grow nearly 1.5 times through 2019, according to market analysis by Packaged Facts. 

Chao Slices promise to revolutionize vegan cheese as a “real” food

Chao Slices promise to revolutionize vegan cheese as a “real” food

21-Jan-2015 - Field Roast Grain Meat Co. expands its portfolio into the retail vegan cheese category with the Jan. 1 launch of Chao Slices, which it claims are “revolutionary” because they do not try to mimic dairy cheese like other players in the segment. 

Pancakes and waffles with 35-47% whole grain can be made using a blend of flours, says General Mills

General Mills packs whole grain into pancakes and waffles

21-Jan-2015 - General Mills has filed a patent for whole grain pancake and waffle batters that use a blend of wheat, brown rice and millet flours.