ConAgra defends move away from deals as volumes drop: ‘We've been overly reliant on deep discounting as our chief demand driver’

Sean Connolly: "The topline optics can be ugly..."

Is ConAgra’s strategy of cutting back on deep discounts on brands such as Banquet, Chef Boyardee, and Snack Pack – a move that has improved margins but dented revenues – a savvy one, or is it a dangerous gamble that could see it losing distribution in the current, highly pressured food retail environment? 

Sabra operates what is claimed to be the world’s largest hummus manufacturing facility in Chesterfield County, Virginia

Sabra 'well on its way' to becoming our next $1bn brand, says PepsiCo

According to the incidence of grain ingredients in products applying to use the Whole Grain Stamp, teff more than tripled in incidence this year compared to the sum of all the previous years, data from the Whole Grains Council revealed. Photo: iStock

Three whole grain trends in 2016, based on Whole Grain Stamp applications

Cide Road currently has three SKUs: Original Maple and Ginger, Cherry, and Blueberry

‘Sweet, sour and tangy’ Cide Road organic switchel rolls out to 3,500 stores: ‘American palates are evolving’

How drinking Pickle Juice alleviates cramps & speeds recovery

The science behind the folklore: How drinking Pickle Juice alleviates cramps & speeds recovery

Sacha Inchi: A great nutritional profile, but held back by limited supplies and premium pricing? Picture: istockphoto-chonchit

Plant proteins in focus: Pea protein surging ahead, hemp on the cusp of greatness and sacha inchi still niche

3 overlooked superfoods rising in popularity with innovative formats

Three overlooked “superfoods” rising in popularity thanks to innovative formats

Nestle's main headquarters are located in Vevey, Vaud in Switzerland.

Nestlé tops influential sustainability index, but industry scores are below par

FoodChain ID is Non-GMO Project's first technical administrator that helps verify products as non-GMO in the US.

Non-GMO Project verification moving to ingredient suppliers: FoodChain ID

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Source: Smart Label

Could Smart Label help restore consumer loyalty?

© iStock / Brian Balster

Bar applications, RTDs continue to offer rich opportunities for dairy proteins, supplier says

Edible insects: Beyond the novelty factor

Edible insects: Beyond the novelty factor

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FDA invites public comment on 'healthy' nutrient content claims

FDA: We need to look again at the conditions of use for ‘healthy’ claims

Source: iStock

FDA hints at how conventional foods can make structure/function claims

Picture: istockphoto LidmylaSupynska

GUEST ARTICLE: When it comes to food safety, doing just what is required will never be enough

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Can personalized nutrition make the mainstream?

FOOD VISION USA 2016: Can personalized nutrition transition from lucrative niche to scalable mainstream?

Purely Pinole is introducing purple maize into the hot cereal breakfast category, long dominated by oatmeal.

Purple and puffed: Looking into the crystal ball from the Whole Grains Council conference

© iStock / marekuliasz

Meta-analysis supports inulin’s cholesterol busting potential

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Source: E. Crawford

Protein-packed Brami beans go up against roasted chickpeas and edamame in the snack aisle

Photo: Amy Wilson, CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

Plant-based proteins: Has soy fallen out of fashion?

'Investors want to know if major food companies have a strategy to avoid this protein bubble,' said founder of the FAIRR Initiative Jeremy Coller. © iStock/MarcoScisetti

Investors worth $1.25trn urge industry to switch to sustainable plant proteins

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Kellogg activity included limited-edition Special K packs

Kellogg renews sponsorship of US Olympic Committee for 2018 and 2020 Games

Nature’s Path buys 51% stake in raw snack maker Gorilly Goods

Nature’s Path acquires controlling stake in raw snack maker Gorilly Goods

Almost two thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds did not vote in 2012. Pic: © iStock/razihusin

Can chip-less Doritos packs get America’s youngsters to the ballot box?

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FoodBytes! finalists focus on food waste, increasing sustainability

FoodBytes! Boulder finalists focus on reducing food waste, increasing sustainability

Photo: Freestockphotos

Experts advise marketers to promote taste first, health second, at whole grains conference

Picture: istockphoto-Batareyin

12 things you need to know about the eating and shopping habits of Millennials

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Picture: istockphoto-Batareyin

12 things you need to know about the eating and shopping habits of Millennials

Source: iStock

Six “fresh” food trends driving innovation at retail & restaurants

What is driving growth in natural, organic and specialty foods?

From grain-free to grass-fed: What is driving growth in natural, organic and specialty foods?




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