Little Bird brings chocolate-covered candied jalapenos to the market

Little Bird covers candied jalapenos with chocolate in its 'Fire Bits'

Little Bird founders Corey and Sara Meyer are aiming to pop out of the specialty category and spread across the nation like wildfire with their sweet and spicy chocolate-covered candied jalapenos.

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Homemade baby food costs less, but often has more energy & fat than store bought alternatives

Applications to trademark hashtags are skyrocketing

GUEST ARTICLE: #SayItWithPepsi or #SmileWithACoke? Have you trademarked your hashtag yet?

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Meal kit provider Chef’d teams with American Diabetes Association to provide tailored menu options

China no longer chocolate’s ‘beacon of hope’? India the only solid BRIC market in a changing chocolate market, says Euromonitor. ©iStock/DmyTo

Restacking BRICs: Chocolate makers to rethink future growth markets, says Euromonitor

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As consumers become increasingly health conscious, what drives confectionery sales?

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Way forward with whey protein

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Way forward with whey protein


Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus L.). © iStock / yogesh_more

Review supports the appetite control effects of Taiyo’s Sunfiber

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PureCircle invests $100 million in stevia agronomy program

Industry standard six-month financing packages allow no time for farmers to replant crops, says RA

Sustainable cocoa sector needs long-term credit access for farmers: Rainforest Alliance

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FDA updates rules on vitamin D in plant-based dairy

FDA to update rules on vitamin D fortification of plant-based dairy alternatives

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House approves federal GMO labeling bill that nullifies Vermont law

Sen. Cory Booker: “This bipartisan legislation will help increase transparency and restore trust in checkoff program practices.” Picture:

Sens Booker and Lee propose checkoff reform bill as a 'direct response to egg board scandal'

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Healthy snacks growth outpaces overall food and beverage market

German researchers tested the long-held theory that garlic consumption by a breast-feeding mother has an effect on her milk. ©iStock/szeyuen

Garlic consumption affects breast milk, says study

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IFT 2016 part one: Bad science, correlation vs causation, and what consumers think clean label means

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Grocery retailers compete with foodservice sector to grab US snackers, says Mintel report

'Made with Pulses' seal unveiled at the IFT show

Global Pulse Confederation unveils 'Made with Pulses' seal at the IFT show

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Unique square shape, rare beans & detectable flavor notes sets award-winning Durci chocolate apart

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IFT video vox pop: What do US businesses think of TTIP?

Tony’s Chocolonely says its chocolate is now fully traceable and says the deal proves to the industry chocolate can be made 'slave free.'

Tony’s Chocolonely to source traceable cocoa butter from Barry Callebaut

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Mocktails Beverages debuts single-serve bottles, new packaging to expand product appeal, use

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FoodNavigator-USA wins 2016 Tabbie Award for E-Newsletter of the Year

Food Vision USA: Are CPG’s biggest guns flogging dead donkeys?

FOOD VISION USA: Are CPG’s biggest guns flogging dead donkeys or can their brands be salvaged?

Essentia drives push into convenience channel

Essentia drives push into convenience channel as premium water category catches fire

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7 flavor trends emerging in beverage

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IFT 2016 part one: Bad science, correlation vs causation, and what consumers think clean label means

IFT 2016: eBeam processing, plant-based proteins, genomics

Your guide to IFT 2016: From eBeam processing to brainfood, plant-based proteins & genomics




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