Final rule clarifies animal welfare standards under organic seal even as its own fate is uncertain

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Even though a final USDA rule strengthening animal welfare standards squeaked into the Federal Register today before the new administration takes control of country, the rule may not be safe from repeal, like so many others finalized under Obama’s leadership. 

Source: Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms’ MAIO is the newest product from C-Fresh’s new innovation model


Sonny Perdue must 'expand market opportunities for all types of agriculture,' says NFU

Canyon Bakehouse launches ‘Heritage Style’ line

Canyon Bakehouse braces for wider gluten-free acceptance with ‘wider’-sized loaves

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Concession stands could help better-for-you snacks reach young consumers

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Jean-Marc Gilson: "Demand [for high-quality pea protein] absolutely outstrips supply."

Roquette to open world’s biggest pea protein plant in Manitoba in 2019, says CEO: 'Demand absolutely outstrips supply’

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Former USDA Sec. Vilsack will take the reins of US Dairy Export Council next month

USDA calls for comment on organic check-off proposal

USDA calls for comment on organic check-off proposal as demand for organic outstrips supply

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Hemp, Vote Hemp, legislation

Are barriers for hemp cultivation going down? New report documents industrial hemp legislative progress in US

Eggs are among the most affordable sources of protein and also have significant amounts of other nutrients, including vitamin D and choline, says United Egg Producers

Are eggs ‘healthy’? Outdated FDA labeling rules don’t reflect latest science, says United Egg Producers

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Reducing sodium intake could save more lives, money than treating related disease, study finds

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Storytelling, personalization online can boost ecommerce sales

Storytelling and personalization online can boost ecommerce sales, Episerver says

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‘Striking’ rise in consumption of no- and low-calorie sweeteners stokes debate about their health impact

Source: Love The Wild

$2.5M from Aqua-Spark will help Love The Wild transition to 100% aquaculture farmed fish

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Rhythm Superfoods raises $6m round led by Gen Mills' 301 INC

Rhythm Superfoods closes $6m financing round led by General Mills 301 INC

Miyoko’s Kitchen CEO weighs into plant-based dairy debate

Miyoko’s Kitchen CEO weighs into plant-based dairy labeling debate: It’s time to ditch ‘outdated and arcane’ standards of identity

Photo: Runamok Maple

Runamok maple acquires maple candy operation from Bascom Maple Farms

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New potato chip brand Uglies uses cosmetically-rejected potatoes

Giving ugly a chance: New potato chip brand Uglies uses cosmetically-rejected potatoes

During 2013-2016, Barnana notched up a compounded annual growth rate of 139%

Barnana raises $5.3m, prepares to unveil new line of banana-fueled snacks in March

General Mills: 'During fermentation, legume 'milk' can solidify and acidify, for example transforming into a legume-based cheese or yogurt'

Fava bean yogurt? General Mills patents process to create range of dairy-alternatives from legumes

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PureSpoon HPP baby food heads to Walmart, Kroger, Hy-Vee

Is HPP baby food going mainstream? PureSpoon heads to Walmart, Kroger, Hy-Vee

Ostrich meat "looks and tastes just like a high-end beef filet mignon," says American Ostrich Farms founder and CEO Alexander McCoy

American Ostrich Farms CEO: It’s not like tons of young people are going into farming. But the contrarian in me said, hey, why not?

New York state-based Maple Hill makes yogurt, kefir, drinking yogurt and cheese from 100% grass-fed organic milk

Grass-fed is greener, says Maple Hill Creamery: ‘We need to have a more nuanced conversation about dairy and sustainability’

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FDA issues draft guidance on Nutrition Facts, added sugar

Confused about added sugar? FDA issues draft guidance on Nutrition Facts changes

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Nutrition experts predict sustainability ‘most important’ trend for 2017

Chobani Flip has been "going gangbusters," says chief marketing and brand officer Peter McGuinness

Chobani notched up double-digit US growth in 2016, has ‘no plan’ to head back to Europe right now




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