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Nut milk ‘melloream’ case a cautionary tale in product identity

27-Mar-2015 - A New York law initially created for regulating nondairy coffee whiteners resurfaced last year for a Brooklyn-based nut milk manufacturer when it learned it could no longer operate under a regular food-processing permit.

Last year, a majority of respondents said they would eat chicken, fish or pork from animals fed on an insect-based diet.

Would consumers eat animals fed on insect protein?

27-Mar-2015 - An EU-funded project is conducting a survey to find out if consumers feel comfortable eating animals that have been fed on insect protein.

McCormick sales grow with innovation, marketing and retail leadership

McCormick sales grow with innovation, marketing and retail leadership

27-Mar-2015 - Flavor and spice leader McCormick & Company is on track to meet its ambitious goal of increasing sales 4% to 6% in local currency in 2015, thanks in part to initiatives in North America to drive growth through innovation, marketing and leadership at retail, executives said. 

Organic check off could bring farmers into fold, clarify claims

An organic check off campaign could bring more farmers into the fold, clarify claims, OTA says

27-Mar-2015 - Demand for organic in the U.S. is soaring with more than 80% of families buying some organic products, pushing sales up to an expected $40 billion last year, according to the Organic Trade Association.

Rising demand prompts warehouse expansion for Blue Diamond

‘State-of-the art’ warehouse for Blue Diamond's US almond plant

27-Mar-2015 - California-based almond agricultural co-operative, Blue Diamond Growers, is struggling to cope with increasing throughput at its processing plants and will expand warehouse facilities by 33% to absorb the impact, according to the group.

Mediterranean diet: Not just healthier but also better for the environment?

Mediterranean diet: Not just healthier but also better for the environment?

27-Mar-2015 - While the health benefits of following a Mediterranean-style diet are well-known, new research has also suggested that the dietary pattern also leaves less of a carbon footprint than other options.

Scientists methodically tested more than 1000 varieties in CGIAR's genebank before discovering the heat-beating beans

Heat-resistant beans are 'front-line defence' to global warming

27-Mar-2015 - Thirty varieties of heat resistant beans will be able to survive rising temperatures and keep feeding millions, say scientists.

Nearly three-quarters of pregnant women do not get enough omega-3, finds study

Nearly three-quarters of pregnant women do not get enough omega-3, finds study

27-Mar-2015 - Despite being critical for infant development, just 27% of pregnant women get enough omega-3 to meet current European Union (EU) recommendations, say researchers.

Candy makers turning to tin, says Crown

Sugar confectioners finding heart with tin packaging, says Crown

26-Mar-2015 - More sugar confectioners are turning to metal packaging to convey a premium image, according to packaging supplier Crown.

Super Bowl ad a win for Mexican avocados

Super Bowl ad a win for Mexican avocados

26-Mar-2015 - Two months following the premiere of the first-ever fresh produce TV advertisement during the Super Bowl as part of a $46 million marketing campaign, Avocados From Mexico (AFM) says its big investment is paying off as avocado imports are up by record numbers so far this year. 

Choco Treasure brings whimsy of chocolate wrapped toys to U.S. legally

Choco Treasure brings whimsy of chocolate wrapped toys to U.S. legally

26-Mar-2015 - Thanks to a little ingenuity, Candy Treasure has brought to the U.S. legally a line of much-loved chocolate surprise eggs and sports balls filled with whimsical small toys that, until now, FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned in America.

“It’s not just niches, column inches, or PR stunts,” says David Northcroft. “It’s actually about the every day business and driving commercial gain in our businesses.”

‘Normal but better’ is the key to driving innovation and development: Waitrose

26-Mar-2015 - Aiming to source and develop foods that have subtle points of difference from the competition in terms of quality or product offering is the key to innovation and new product development at UK retail chain Waitrose.

What could soft drinks taste like?

Salty, sour, spicy, bitter: Will soft drinks ever go beyond sweet?

26-Mar-2015 - Will ‘sweet’ always be superior in the soft drink category? Or will consumers embrace the whole world of senses and suss out alternative tastes?

The merger does not mean competition within the industry as a whole has been reduced, says Frost & Sullivan analyst Tosin Jack

Heinz Kraft merger: Synergies and cost cutting

26-Mar-2015 - The super-merger of Heinz and Kraft is less about synergies and more about cutting costs, analysts have said.

Ardent Mills, Cargill, talk fiber trends, inulin, oligofructose

On its own, fiber lacks sex appeal; add protein and it's bang on trend...

26-Mar-2015 - The recommended daily fiber intake is 25-30g, but most Americans get only about half that amount, according to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which notes that aside from gut health benefits, fiber may also “play a role in preventing coronary heart disease, colorectal and other cancers, type 2 diabetes, and obesity”.

MycoTechnology launched its latest innovation—MycoSmooth tea, a beta glucan-enhanced fermented green tea—at Expo West

Blue Pacific, MycoTechnology ink partnership deal

25-Mar-2015 - Natural flavoring manufacturer Blue Pacific Flavors will distribute MycoTechnology Inc.’s full food technology portfolio as part of a global strategic partnership announced this month.

Commercial cocoa supplier embroiled in accusations of deforestation and land grabs. Photo credit Matt Finer, ACA

Did United Cacao destroy Amazon rainforest to clear path for world’s largest cocoa plantation?

25-Mar-2015 - United Cacao is accused of clearing primary forest in the Peruvian Amazon and usurping local farmers to make way for what will be the world’s largest cocoa plantation - allegations it emphatically denies.

Quorn vigorously denies allegations in wrongful death lawsuit

Quorn 'categorically rejects' allegations in wrongful death lawsuit

25-Mar-2015 - Quorn Foods has launched a vigorous defense of its ‘mycoprotein’ meat substitutes in the wake of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in California by the parents of Miles Bengco, an 11-year-old boy alleged to have had a severe allergic reaction to one of its ‘Turk’y’ burgers.

Kraft & Heinz merge to accelerate growth, expand distribution globally

Kraft & Heinz merge to accelerate growth and expand distribution globally

25-Mar-2015 - The mega-merger between Kraft Food Group and H.J. Heinz Company announced March 25 will allow the U.S. based companies to grow more quickly together than they could individually by combining their complementary distribution strengths, company executives said. 

Banza aims to be Hampton Creek of pasta with chickpea pasta

Banza chickpea pasta: ‘We want to do what Hampton Creek Foods has done with eggs, but with wheat, rice and corn’

25-Mar-2015 - While a lot of the sexy stuff in grocery is happening in snacks and beverages, Detroit-based start-up Banza is on a mission to disrupt a mature, shelf-stable category bang in the center of the store: pasta.