Fruits & veggies FNV ad campaign endorsed by FLOTUS and celebrities

Fruits & veggies take on packaged food with FNV ad campaign endorsed by the First Lady and celebrities

02-Mar-2015 - The threat posed by fresh foods and produce to sales of packaged foods is about to increase exponentially with the launch of a star-studded, national marketing campaign to encourage teenagers to eat more fruits and veggies. 

Protein powder and meal replacements from NutriFusion

NutriFusion applies stabilization technology to protein powder and meal replacement ingredients

27-Feb-2015 - NutriFusion, a supplier of stabilized whole food fruit and vegetable powders, has entered the protein game with two products based on plant proteins.

Solazyme and Roquette teamed up in 2010, but parted company in 2013 owing to “divergent views on an acceptable commercial strategy”. Picture: Solazyme's AlgaVia whole algal flour

Solazyme awarded ‘clear and complete’ victory in legal dispute with Roquette over aborted algae ingredients JV

27-Feb-2015 - Microalgae specialist Solazyme says it has secured a “clear and complete victory” over its former French business partner Roquette in a legal dispute over intellectual property rights following the 2013 collapse of their joint venture Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals (SRN).

Researchers suggested eating eggs, lean meats or Greek yoghurt for breakfast

Skipping breakfast may lead to diabetes and heart disease

27-Feb-2015 - Skipping breakfast may typically be associated with obesity but a recent study on young women suggested it could also lead to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Organic, raw, non-GMO and allergy-free products are growing faster than everything else, says Sprouts

Sprouts Farmers Market CEO on online delivery: We haven’t found a model that works for us … yet

27-Feb-2015 - Sprouts Farmers Market is exploring online delivery options, but hasn’t found a model that works, yet, chief financial officer Amin Maredia said this week.

a2 milk to make US debut in California in April

‘The milk that might change everything’? a2 milk to hit stores in California in April

26-Feb-2015 - a2 Milk – milk from cows that only produce A2 beta casein protein -  is set for an April launch in California, where brand owner The a2 Milk Company hopes to emulate its success in Australia, in which it has carved out a 9.3% value share of the fluid milk market.

How Coke got its curves: Coca-Cola's contour bottle celebrates 100 years

How Coke got its curves: Coca-Cola's contour bottle celebrates 100 years

26-Feb-2015 - Coca-Cola has launched a global campaign featuring icons such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Ray Charles, as it celebrates the 100th birthday of its bottle. 

What’s for breakfast? Almonds, says Blue Diamond...

What’s for breakfast? Nuts! (And preferably almonds, says Blue Diamond.)

26-Feb-2015 - For many Americans, breakfast has switched from being one of three square meals a day to just another snacking occasion – or something to skip altogether.  But this brings opportunities as well as challenges, says Blue Diamond’s Jeff Smith, who we caught up with as part of our ‘What’s for Breakfast?’ special edition.   

Ice Cream Inspired yogurt combines indulgence and goodness: Muller Quaker

Ice Cream Inspired yogurt combines indulgence and goodness: Muller Quaker

26-Feb-2015 - PepsiCo's US yogurt venture, Muller Quaker Dairy, has launched a new range that combines the "indulgence of ice cream with the goodness of yogurt." 

Eating peanuts early reduces allergies increases marketing chances

Introducing peanuts early could reduce allergies & increase marketing opportunities

26-Feb-2015 - New research suggesting early introduction of peanuts could significantly reduce children’s risk of developing a potentially fatal allergy to the groundnut could create a marketing opportunity for food manufacturers to develop new products for young children, according to an allergist and immunologist. 

Solazyme: 'We have projects in categories across the grocery store from frozen prepared foods through to bakery'

First products with high oleic algae oil to hit US shelves in second half of 2015, says Solazyme

25-Feb-2015 - The first products containing Solazyme’s high stability, high-oleic algae oil – which boasts “unprecedented” amounts of healthy monounsaturated fat – will hit shelves later this year, says the firm, which has just received a no objections letter from the FDA for its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) determination  for the oil.

Goya Foods slams 'outdated, inaccurate' 4-MEI figures in soft drinks study

Goya Foods slams 'outdated, inaccurate' 4-MEI figures in soft drinks study

25-Feb-2015 - Goya Foods has hit back at a study on the safety of 4-MEI in soft drinks by John Hopkins researchers, insisting that the team's data on the caramel color byproduct is 'outdated and inaccurate'.

While allulose is found naturally in some fruits, Tate & Lyle is manufacturing it on a commercial scale via the enzymatic conversion of corn

Tate & Lyle unveils Dolcia Prima allulose low-calorie-sugar: ‘We believe this will change the food and beverage landscape forever’

25-Feb-2015 - Tate & Lyle is launching a new ultra-low-calorie sugar that is found naturally in jackfruit and raisins, but is being made in commercial quantities via the enzymatic conversion of corn using a proprietary process.

Cargill develops method to make gum coatings as crunchy as possible

Crunch time for Cargill with perfect acoustic formula for gum

25-Feb-2015 - Cargill has developed an acoustic testing formula that it claims will help manufacturers maximize crunchiness in gum coatings.

DietSpice could be packaged with frozen pizza, Pharmachem says.

Pharmachem launches sprinkle-on application for Phase 2 carb controller in North American market

25-Feb-2015 - Pharmachem Laboratories is seeking new markets for its Phase 2 carb controller ingredient with the North American release of DietSpice, a line of functional seasonings that can be sprinkled on food to help weight watchers absorb fewer calories from the starches in their meals.

True Drinks CEO: Fresh investment will support 'dramatic same store sales increases' & help get a larger share of stomach

True Drinks CEO: Fresh investment will support 'dramatic same store sales increases' & help get a larger share of stomach

25-Feb-2015 - The growth of True Drinks’ AquaBall product continues to gather pace, with new investment from Toba Capital Management and market share in the $2 billion children’s beverage market recently hitting 2% in just two years.

Lawsuit: Just Mayo is masquerading as a mayonnaise and consumers are being misled

Hampton Creek Foods sued again over 'deceptive' Just Mayo name

24-Feb-2015 - Just weeks after Unilever dropped its false advertising lawsuit against Hampton Creek Foods over its egg-free spread ‘Just Mayo’, a consumer class action making near-identical claims has been filed in Florida - and then abruptly withdrawn again.

All-natural case over Marie Callender's bakery mixes to proceed

Judge: A reasonable consumer might be deceived by presence of SAPP in ‘all-natural’ baking mixes

24-Feb-2015 - The latest in a series of class action lawsuits filed over the use of synthetic leavening agent sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) in foods marketed as ‘all-natural’ has been given the green light by a federal judge. 

Mandy Holborow (left) and Sheri Price (right): 'Once we got to about $2m in revenue we looked at each other and realized this is not a hobby anymore'

Umpqua Oats founders on building a brand, and learning to say NO: 'Not all business is good business'

24-Feb-2015 - If sales of cold cereal are not setting the world on fire, the hot cereal market is faring much better, say the founders of super-premium oatmeal cup brand Umpqua Oats, who notched up revenues of $10m+ in 2014 and hope to grow by 25% this year on the back of distribution wins in retail and foodservice.

Coconut sugar is made from the sap of flowers from the palm

Coconut sugar: The latest sugar alternative

24-Feb-2015 - Coconut sugar is increasing in popularity because it is seen as being a healthier, more ethical alternative to sugar - but nutritionists remain sceptical of the health claims.