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FoodNavigator-USA is hiring!

28-Aug-2014 - Do you understand the implications of POM vs Coke? Are you excited by innovation and entrepreneurs? And could you produce articles to match our award-winning content? If yes, we want to hear from you!

Coca-Cola: 'As we have maintained all along, these meritless lawsuits are a play by class action lawyers to profit under the pretense of protecting people'

Judge allows class action lawsuit vs Coca-Cola over ‘artificial’ phosphoric acid to proceed, but admonishes money-grabbing plaintiffs

27-Aug-2014 - A class action lawsuit alleging that Coca-Cola misrepresents its flagship product as being free from added preservatives and artificial flavors, has been allowed to proceed by a judge in California.  

Nebraska Cultures joins rush to put probiotics into food with GRAS status on bacillus coagulans ingredient

Nebraska Cultures joins rush to put probiotics into food with GRAS status on bacillus coagulans ingredient

27-Aug-2014 - Nebraska Cultures has joined the ranks of probiotics suppliers competing in the functional food realm with spore-forming bacterial ingredients with the announcement of GRAS status on its ProDura Bacillus coagulans ingredient.

"It's exciting because we know what the bacteria are; we have a way to intervene," said Professor Cathryn Nagler from the University of Chicago.

Gut bacteria that protect against food allergies offer probiotic promise

27-Aug-2014 - Common gut bacteria from the class Clostridia could prevent sensitisation to allergens in food, according to new research that may pave the way for probiotic products aimed at battling food allergies and intolerances.

Top 10 best-selling US cereal brands 2014, IRI data

Cereal chartbusters 2014: America’s top 10 best-selling brands

27-Aug-2014 - BakeryandSnacks has dug into fresh IRI data to dish up the latest list of top 10 best-selling cereal brands in the US for 2014.

Snacks and meals: 'Convenient snack foods such as yogurt, fruit or chips allow consumers to round out their meals and bring more items to the table without having to exert much effort or dedicate time toward cleaning,' says NPD analyst

Young people eating snacks to ‘round out’ meals, says NPD Group

27-Aug-2014 - Younger consumers are reaching for snacks to accompany and round out meals, and the better-for-you category is set to benefit most, finds The NPD Group.

Photo from the Hartman Group

Private label takeover imminent? Picture more complex, says Hartman Group

26-Aug-2014 - Despite market watchers’ predictions that private label will all but take over the world, its share of the packaged food market has remained relatively flat since 2008. 

Researchers have identified a key window for gut bacteria development, suggesting that the disruption of key bacteria types can lead to an increased risk of obesity.

Microbiome 'disruption' in early life linked to obesity in adulthood

26-Aug-2014 - Certain gut bacteria  could help to shape our metabolism in early life, while disrupting these bacteria appears to increase the risk of obesity in later adulthood, say researchers.

Protein2o promise great-tasting protein, without the calories

Protein2o CEO: There’s a gap in the market for lower calorie, great-tasting protein beverages

26-Aug-2014 - While there is no shortage of high-protein shakes gracing shelves at mainstream as well as specialty retailers these days, there is a gap in the market for more refreshing beverages that pack in a meaningful amount of protein, without the calories, says the boss of one of the fastest-growing new entrants to the market.

Cargill's Douwina Bosscher: “The flavor and color are quite neutral in applications, so you could easily enrich them without having the typical fiber appearance that some high-fiber products have, which is also quite appealing for children.” Wheat bran photo from

Cargill soluble fiber nears commercialization; big potential for kids’ products

26-Aug-2014 - Just over a year on from Cargill’s purchase of soluble wheat bran extract from health and nutrition firm Fugeia, the supplier is edging closer to commercializing the soluble dietary fiber and powerful antioxidant, as consumers worldwide (and at all ages) continue to fall short on fiber needs.

VIDEO: Californian 'got milk?' ads target parents in two languages

VIDEO: Californian 'got milk?' ads target parents in two languages

26-Aug-2014 - The California Milk Processor Board has unveiled an English and Spanish language TV advertising campaign to encourage parents of all ethnicity to buy milk for their children.

GMO labeling bill approved for Colorado ballot

Colorado voters to decide on GMO labeling

26-Aug-2014 - A proposition seeking to label genetically modified foods will be on the November ballot in Colorado after supporters of the Right to Know Colorado initiative submitted nearly 125,000 valid signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State. 

Ghirardelli settles for $5.25m, but says...

Ghirardelli shells out $5m to settle ‘fake’ white chocolate suit

25-Aug-2014 - Lindt & Sprüngli's US subsidiary Ghirardelli Chocolate has settled a class action lawsuit over allegations its Premium Baking Chips – Classic White misled consumers by claiming to contain white chocolate.

Higher calcium and vitamin D fortification levels present big technical challenges in juice, claims the Juice Products Association

Juice Products Association: Nutrition Facts overhaul could spell end to vitamin D and calcium fortified juices

25-Aug-2014 - FDA proposals to increase the RDI for calcium and vitamin D as part of an overhaul of the Nutrition Facts panel mean that juice makers could face major formulation challenges if they still want to make nutrient content claims about these ingredients, claims the Juice Products Association. 

Coca-Cola Life has 'shown great promise in recruiting new and lapsed consumers into the sparkling category', says CEO Muhtar Kent

Coca-Cola Life makes US debut, but can it reverse the cola category’s flagging fortunes?

25-Aug-2014 - Stevia-and-sugar-sweetened Coca-Cola Life is making its US debut this week following successful launches in Latin America and the UK.  But will it bring a surge of new - or lapsed - consumers to the cola category and help to reverse the flagging fortunes of the carbonates market?

Innovating with microalgae: A day at the Solazyme HQ

Algae dream becomes reality for Solazyme: ‘Today we’re making products, not power point presentations’

25-Aug-2014 - Given its apparently limitless potential to feed and fuel the world, there is a huge buzz around microalgae. But with some notable exceptions such as DHA and astaxanthin, this has not - yet - translated into much hard cash. But that’s about to change, says Solazyme, which invited FoodNavigator-USA to its San Francisco HQ to talk about why the oldest food on the planet might just be the most exciting new ingredient on the block.  

Changes to the Nutrition Facts panel could have a negative effect on consumer perceptions of the nutritional profile of dairy foods, warns IDFA

Milk would no longer qualify as an excellent source of vitamin D or a good source of potassium in new-look Nutrition Facts panel

25-Aug-2014 - FDA proposals to increase the RDI for certain nutrients as part of an overhaul of the Nutrition Facts panel mean that milk would no longer qualify as an excellent source of vitamin D or a good source of potassium, while some cheeses and yogurts could lose their eligibility for excellent source of calcium claims, say dairy firms. 

Columbia marketing professor Michelle Greenwald: “It’s interesting because there are some products where gluten-free is the primary point of differentiation—the package screams it, it’s even bigger than the organic seal. For others, it’s just one more little stamp alongside no trans fat, no carbs, etc."

The gluten-free definition has been standardized; now what?

25-Aug-2014 - Aug. 5 marked the deadline for manufacturers making voluntary gluten-free label claims to ensure they meet the FDA’s definition of a gluten-free food (less than 20 parts per million of gluten). And while gluten-free product launches have risen every year during the past five years, the growth of the market appears to be leveling off. 

Catherine Adams Hutt: "'Natural' and related terms have meaning, intent and consumer appeal because they convey clean label, a minimal number of ingredients, minimal preservatives and consciousness of what people are eating.”

RD: ‘Natural’ claim tarnished, but still meaningful

25-Aug-2014 - Despite the legal hot water in which many manufacturers and retailers have found themselves in recent months over “natural” and its growing list of synonyms, the term likely won’t disappear from food and beverage product labels any time soon, as consumers seek out cues that products are clean label and minimally processed, says Catherine Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, RdR Solutions Consulting.

Rice Bran Technologies' revenue grows despite production gaps caused by plant expansion, World Cup

Rice Bran Technologies' revenue grows despite production gaps caused by plant expansion, World Cup

22-Aug-2014 - Rice Bran Technologies posted strong earnings growth in its second quarter of 2014 despite having to shut down a major production plant for three weeks as part of a planned expansion and having to absorb the effect on productivity of the World Cup on its plant in Brazil.