New products gallery: Stonyfield Petite Crème not Greek or even yogurt, Jimmy Dean does dinner, Rosy Grey Poupon

New products gallery: Stonyfield Petite Crème not Greek or even yogurt, Jimmy Dean does dinner, Rosy Grey Poupon

31-Jul-2014 - FoodNavigator-USA takes you through the latest and greatest in new product launches, from coconut water for kids to Stonyfield's sweet cream that's neither Greek nor yogurt, to Campbell's 200-strong new product portfolio and Jimmy Dean's foray into frozen lunch and dinner.

Tony Vernon: 'In some ways, we have to unlearn what we believed to work in the past'

The food industry is caught up in a promotional trap, says Kraft CEO: ‘All of us have to realize it’s not the long-term way to run a business’

31-Jul-2014 - Trade spending is not delivering in the way that it used to, and if the food industry wants to deliver profitable growth, it needs to reallocate resources into bigger and better innovations and brand-building - which “requires discipline”, says Kraft Foods Group boss Tony Vernon.

The Mediterranean dietary pattern could help children prevent obesity, but not many children in Mediterranean countries follow such a diet, say researchers.

Mediterranean diet is associated with lower weight in children but has become less common, says study

31-Jul-2014 - A diet that is very similar to the traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with lower body weight and fat percentage in children; however such diets are not common among children in Mediterranean countries, say researchers.

James Richardson: The food industry is great at fast-build distribution, but has a pretty lousy track record of building long term sustainable growth engines

SPECIAL FEATURE: Why do 85% of new CPG products fail within two years?

31-Jul-2014 - How many consumer packaged goods that launch in the US today will still be around in two years’ time? The answer is a miserable 15%, according to Nielsen data. 

FDA gluten-free definition: All products must contain 20 ppm or less of gluten

FDA gluten-free deadline approaches

31-Jul-2014 - Manufacturers have just under a week to ensure gluten-free products comply with FDA regulation.

Mars claims solid plant fat holds the key to caramel water migration issues

Watertight idea? Mars files patent for multi-texture caramel

31-Jul-2014 - Mars has filed a patent for ‘multi-texture’ caramel products, using a method that prevents moisture migration from caramel to crispy components without the need for a fat-based moisture barrier.

Rep. DeLauro: “People want to be healthy and they want their kids to be healthy. But we are in the midst of dual epidemics, with obesity and diabetes afflicting our nation and the related, astronomical healthcare costs.”

House bill would mandate soda tax; voluntary efforts not cutting it, rep says

30-Jul-2014 - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require a mandatory tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in a contentious move aimed at curbing the “dual” crises of obesity and diabetes. 

Dannon booked ad slots at the Super Bowl in 2012 and 2014

Dannon to be official yogurt sponsor of the NFL

30-Jul-2014 - Dannon has struck a multi-year deal with the National Football League (NFL) to become its official yogurt sponsor, starting in 2015.

How much fast food do children eat?

How much fast food do children eat?

30-Jul-2014 - A custom algorithm developed by University of Washington researchers that breaks down fast food restaurants (FFRs) by segment and meal type finds that children get most of their fast food calories from burger restaurants, though just 14% of children’s total calories come from the fast food category.

Scott Joseph: 'If you look at animals, they don’t have all these diet-related problems that humans have'

Walk like a man, eat like a chimp...Florida start-up goes back to basics with drinkable food

30-Jul-2014 - First there was juice, then there were smoothies, now there is, er, Chimp Food, the brainchild of Florida-based entrepreneur Scott Joseph, who lost 100lbs after eating like a chimp (he ditched meat, dairy & grains and ate nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) and wants to bottle his success.

Chris Licata, on Blake's top-selling chicken pot pie: “People have long been buying mass produced pot pies with tons of ingredients you would sooner find in a lab than a kitchen. By having a cleaner version of it, we’re giving them the opportunity to indulge a little with classic comfort food, but with better ingredients and half the sodium and calories.”

‘Natural’ the bright spot in recovering frozen aisle, says Blake’s All Natural boss

30-Jul-2014 - The success of the frozen section hinges on the continued trend toward prepared meals with cleaner ingredient decks and accessible price points, says Chris Licata, CEO of natural and organic frozen meals line Blake’s All Natural Foods.

Nestlé patent outlines 'standard' process for 14% protein Greek yogurt

Nestlé patent outlines straining-free process for 14% protein Greek yogurt

30-Jul-2014 - Nestlé has applied to patent a method it says will produce reduced-lactose skim milk-based Greek yogurt with a protein content of up to 14%, without adding protein or the use of straining technology.

The pigment neocandenatone could be of interest to consumers due to evidence of possible antioxidant activity and in vitro cytotoxic activity against HeLa cervical cancer cells, researchers say.

Wood you? Novel pigment tipped for gummy and hard candies

30-Jul-2014 - Neocandenatone, a purple pigment found in the heartwood of Dalbergia congestiflora trees, could hold colorant possibilities for gummy and hard candies, according to Mexican research.

Added sugar from soda, energy and sports drinks accounts for a fairly modest 4.9% of total energy in the American diet

What are the biggest contributors of added sugars to the US diet?

29-Jul-2014 - While we tend to assume that fast food outlets (the bottomless soda cup) contribute a disproportionate amount of added sugar to the US diet compared with store-bought groceries, new data shows that the reverse is actually true.

"Though protein may suggest muscle building to a bodybuilder, fullness to a weight manager, energy to office worker, or blood sugar control to a person with diabetes, the one commonality is that all these benefits are positive. Not too many nutrients can stake that claim.”

Protein: the bridge to fitness for the rest of us

29-Jul-2014 - We have become a nation of fitness and nutrition go-getters, as evidenced by the skyrocketing number of fitness and nutrition apps and the mainstreaming of the sports nutrition market. 

Kellogg's Columbus plant manufacturers a range of snack brands, including Cheez-It

Kellogg to close Georgia snack plant

29-Jul-2014 - Kellogg will close a snack plant in Georgia by the end of 2015 as part of its restructuring program, Project K.

Deal will create discount store powerhouse with 13,000+ stores in North America and sales topping $18bn

Dollar Tree to acquire Family Dollar in $8.5bn deal to create discount giant

29-Jul-2014 - Dollar Tree has struck a deal to acquire rival Family Dollar in $8.5bn all-stock deal. 

The US soda category has been particularly susceptible to promotional pricing (Photo: Alan/Flickr)

‘When you overdo it it’s an arms race!’ IRI Consulting warns of US food and beverage promo fever

29-Jul-2014 - IRI Consulting warns that US food and beverage manufacturers risk a significant impact on their profitability when they get sucked into unduly aggressive promotional cycles.

Chef Radzwiller: “The truth of the matter is if you season something properly you don’t ever have to use salt. If you’re a lousy chef and if you don’t care about health, salt can make everything taste good. It’s right up there with sugar."

Vegan, gluten-free meals founder: I started with clean food; others had to backpedal there

29-Jul-2014 - A chef and caterer was motivated by her special diets customers to launch a vegan, gluten-free line of globally inspired meals with no added sodium or oil to provide clean, flavorful meal solutions for everybody. 

Safeway: Products making affirmative non-GMO and organic claims are already clearly labeled and readily available throughout our stores

Safeway shareholders reject GMO labeling proposal; board says it would cost $15m+ and provide zero consumer benefits

29-Jul-2014 - Shareholders at Safeway have rejected a proposal from the Green Century Equity Fund calling for mandatory GMO labeling on its store brands, which company bosses claim would cost $15m+ to implement, while providing zero consumer benefits.