Kidfresh co-founder: We're bringing Millennials to the frozen aisles

Kidfresh meals all contain hidden veggies

Cynics might argue that junk food is junk food, whether it comes in green-hued packaging and eschews artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, or not. Kidfresh co-founder and CEO Matt Cohen begs to differ. 

A slack fill case vs Mondelez over alleged slack fill in Sour Patch candy boxes was thrown out in late 2016

Food litigation 101: Non-functional slack fill... are you up to speed?

Hint was recently targeted in a lawsuit taking issue with its 'all-natural' claims

Court filings indicate resurgence' in ‘all-natural’ litigation in 2017, but will appropriations bill spur the FDA into action?

Chobani Smooth - its first foray beyond the Greek category - is rolling out into stores nationwide this month

Chobani's Peter McGuinness explains the new org chart: ‘To me, having a separate sales department is archaic’

Augmented reality and food packaging: Where next?

Augmented reality and packaging: A passing fad or a limitless digital canvas for tomorrow’s food marketers?

FOOD VISION USA: What does the Amazon/Whole Foods deal mean

FOOD VISION USA 2017: What does the Amazon/Whole Foods deal mean for everyone else?

FDA has "consistently turned a blind eye" to violations of standards of identity for 'milk' claims the NMPF; but the GFI begs to differ...

Good Food Institute, NMPF, to FDA: Give the industry some clarity on plant ‘milk’ labeling

Was the $1.7bn price tag Dr Pepper paid for Bai justified?

Was the $1.7bn price tag Dr Pepper paid for Bai justified?


FOOD INNOVATION FORUM HIGHLIGHTS: ‘At the heart of all successful brands over the last 4-5 years is the idea of simplicity…’

Kroger's 'Private Selection' packaging is on the left, while Lidl's 'Preferred Selection' packaging is on the right...

Is Lidl infringing Kroger’s trademarks? Attorneys weigh in…

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