The obesity problem

Steviana Bioscience aims to make a splash at IFT with next generation stevia sweeteners

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A new player in the stevia market - Steviana Bioscience - is looking to carve a niche in the market for next generation stevia sweeteners, which utilize some of the minor glycosides in the stevia leaf, notably Reb D.

Seattle joins other cities such as San Francisco and Berkeley in voting to impose a soda tax. Pic:iStock

Seattle City Council passes soda tax

Candy companies commit to reduce pack-sizes, increase transparency

Leading candy companies make historic commitment to reduce pack-sizes, increase label transparency

Bugs could hold key to fighting obesity says former President Clinton

Bugs could hold the key to fighting childhood obesity, suggests former President Clinton

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Holistic approach that downplays RCTs best path to optimal nutrition, paper says

NACS, Cumberland Farms commit to expanding access to healthy options

NACS, Cumberland Farms commit to expanding access to healthy options


Functional foods have role in reversing 'thin outside, fat inside' phenomenon, paper's authors conclude

Santa Fe, New Mexico, US, has rejected plans for a soda tax. Pic: iStock

Santa Fe rejects soda tax

Added sugar labeling is holding allulose back, says Tate & Lyle

Allulose could change the sugar reduction game... if labeling rules are changed, says Tate & Lyle


Canada sugar drinks levy would save 13,000 lives, say researchers

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