The obesity problem

Functional foods have role in reversing 'thin outside, fat inside' phenomenon, paper's authors conclude


Functional foods could have a key role to play in combating the global rise of the phenomenon of sarcopenic obesity, according to a published report of the proceedings of a recent scientific convention.

Added sugar labeling is holding allulose back, says Tate & Lyle

Allulose could change the sugar reduction game... if labeling rules are changed, says Tate & Lyle


Canada sugar drinks levy would save 13,000 lives, say researchers

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‘Exciting findings’: Capsicum extract may help slim waist lines

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Obesity caused by parents, not social or economic factors: Study

A new study from FHI in Ireland says eating cheese is not associated with body fatness or LDL cholesterol. Pic: ©iStock/Halfpoint

Irish study says people with highest dairy consumption have lower BMI

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State bills call for warnings about risks associated with synthetic dyes & sugar-sweetened beverages

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Ag Committee weighs whether SNAP should pay for sugary drinks

The snacking innovation summit is now available on demand

Snacking Innovation Summit trend-watching: Mini-meals, tapas-style eating, and hero SKUs

In a still from the new Sparkling ICE ad campaign, a teenage boy creeps into the house after a late night, and is challenged by his parents - and the family dog, who have been inhaling helium from balloons...

Sparkling ICE unveils $37m ad campaign, queries soda tax inconsistencies: 'It's a mess'

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