Zola aims to expand the energy drink category with a product that offers hydration, natural flavors

Zola offers energy drink focused on hydration, natural flavors

Consumers who begrudgingly endure the medicinal taste and multisyllabic, chemical-sounding ingredients in some energy drinks in exchange for the boost the beverages provide no longer need to make that trade off thanks to the launch of Zola’s purely plant-based line of Organic Hydrating Energy Drinks.

Serenity Kids shakes up baby food aisle with meat-based purees

Serenity Kids shakes up the baby food aisle with a new line of high-fat, meat-based purees

Heavenly Organics certified glyphosate-free by The Detox Project

Heavenly Organics announces new glyphosate-free certification by The Detox Project

Lidl's US stores break European mold, says Bernstein

Lidl's US stores break European mold, says Bernstein: 'This is not a copy and paste approach'

Picture: istockphoto Yuri de Mesquita Bar

SPOTLIGHT ON BRAZIL: ‘Big CPG brands are changing their mindset’

Soup-To-Nuts podcast: 3 trends driving growth in bottled water

Soup-To-Nuts podcast: Three trends driving growth in the bottled water category

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: grain-free vs ancient grain trends

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Gluten free movement spawns divergent grain-free vs ancient grain trends

Dean Foods buys Uncle Matt's Organic for undisclosed sum

Dean Foods buys Uncle Matt's: 'It further underscores our commitment to the organic space'

Bai makes enhanced water, carbonated flavored water, coconut water and ready-to-drink teas.

Ben Weiss leaves Bai Brands; Lain Hancock to take over: 'This is the culmination of an amazing journey'

Organic sales growing ‘at a good clip’

Organic sales growing ‘at a good clip’ thanks partly to consumer interest in animal welfare

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