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New kid on the block explores novel business model for stevia production

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California-based B’BOX Group claims to have developed a proprietary technique for producing clean-tasting, high-purity stevia extracts that is so fast and cost-efficient that it says leading CPG manufacturers are considering buying the technology and producing their own sweeteners – a new model for the industry.

Manufacturers navigate greenwashing allegations

Manufacturers walk tightrope between demand for natural products and greenwashing allegations

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Tate & Lyle teams up with Sweet Green Fields to widen stevia's reach

While siratose is found in trace levels in monk fruit, Senomyx plans to produce it at scale via fermentation

Senomyx unveils 'natural' sweetener breakthrough, plans GRAS notification by end of 2019

Sweet Green Fields talks stevia, natural sweeteners

Where next for stevia? From designer glycoside blends to fermentation and enzyme modification

Will the ConAgra 100% natural case end up in the Supreme Court?

Will the ConAgra 100% natural case end up in the Supreme Court?

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High prices, consumer confusion & store placement hold back organic from full sales potential

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Is ‘glyphosate-free’ certification necessary? Heavenly Organics thinks so

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Sustainability concerns will color consumers’ food selections in 2017

ConAgra Foods dealt blow by ninth circuit in 'natural' lawsuit

ConAgra dealt blow by ninth circuit in '100% natural' case, but its wider significance is less clear, say experts

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