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Canyon Bakehouse braces for wider gluten-free acceptance with ‘wider’-sized loaves

Canyon Bakehouse launches ‘Heritage Style’ line

By looking at the size of loaves of gluten-free bread versus conventional bread at the grocery store, one could infer that making a larger loaf sans gluten isn’t as easy.

Gluten-free brand Simple Mills enjoys triple-digit growth

Simple Mills’ triple-digit growth thanks to tapping into ‘the current food zeitgeist,’ says founder and CEO

The issue of whether plant-based 'milks' mislead shoppers and violate FDA standards of identity has been tested a few times in the courts

Is it legal to call plant-based beverages from nuts, seeds and legumes, ‘milk’?

US gluten-free retail sales +11% in 2015, +6% in 2016, Packaged Facts

US gluten-free retail sales rose 11% in 2015; will slow to +6% in 2016, says Packaged Facts

Tolerant Foods poised to be top contender in legume pasta category

Tolerant Foods poised to be top contender in legume pasta category

Wink frozen desserts offer allergen-friendly and better-for-you

Wink frozen desserts offer one-two punch of allergen-friendly and better-for-you, founder says

The lowdown on gluten-free formulation with Beneo

60-second interview, Beneo: Is rice still the first choice in gluten-free recipe formulation?

Source: Atrium Innovations

Allergen-friendly, free-from claims offer marketing potential beyond conventional food, beverage

Quinn Snacks removes more than gluten from pretzels; soy, corn & dairy

Quinn Snacks removes more than gluten from pretzels, shows consumers its supply line

Dr Steven Taylor: 'There is very little money being spent on food allergy research in the US and that’s pretty disappointing'

The lowdown on food allergy and intolerance: In conversation with Dr Steven Taylor

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