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GAO argues again that the US should unite the 19 agencies that oversee food safety under one system

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Citing an uptick in multi-state foodborne illness outbreaks and their high cost to consumers and manufacturers alike, the Government Accountability Office reiterates its 40-year argument for a single, unified food safety system – this time under the Executive Office of the President. 

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Arctic Apple could be Litmus test for future of GM foods, Rabobank analysts suggest

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Have thousands of facility registrations lapsed?

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Consumer food safety education must be reinforced to ‘reap the rewards’ of FSMA, FDA official says

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Four tools to help fight food borne illness & boost food safety efforts

Soylent powder: Just add water and shake...

Soylent’s rush to judgment over recall is damaging our business, claims TerraVia as it suspends supplies of all of its ingredients to Soylent

Phil Lempert: 2017 promises ‘excitement’ with Trump & other trends

From Trump to climate change threats and scientific advancements, 2017 promises ‘excitement’

Soylent: “We are reformulating Bar and Powder 1.6 to remove the likely ingredients. Turnaround should be fairly quick. We expect both will available in early Q1 2017, if not before.”

Soylent identifies ‘likely’ ingredients behind digestive issues... but won't say what they are

Betty Lou's reassures customers in wake of Soylent bar recall

Betty Lou's reassures customers in wake of Soylent bar recall: 'The issue did not originate from our facility'

Soylent Bar recalled over gastrointestinal issues

Soylent recalls bar, but cause of ‘gastrointestinal issues’ remains a mystery

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