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ACI FOOD LAW FORUM: GMO labeling blues, Nutrition Facts delays, daily values and de-fortification, and will the FDA ever nail down natural?

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Will the July 2018 deadline for compliance with the new Nutrition Facts panel stand? Will federal GMO labeling regulations stop GMO-related lawsuits? And will the FDA nail down ‘natural’ anytime soon? FoodNavigator-USA headed to the American Conference Institute (ACI) food law and regulation forum in Chicago to get the legal lowdown.

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We should ‘shift from measuring food intake to measuring nutritional status,’ argues expert

KIND CEO launches Feed the Truth

KIND CEO launches Feed the Truth to shine light on food policy research funding & influence

Nutrient content claims such as 'healthy' should not be permitted on products high in added sugar, argues the Union of Concerned Scientists

Should foods high in added sugar be disqualified from making nutrient content and health claims?

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Seafood group ramps up educational resources

'Food and Ag policy is so far down the agenda for Trump that he has scarcely mentioned it,' says one of our readers. Picture: Matt Johnson, Flickr

Trump: Good, bad or ugly news for the food industry? (Our survey results are in)

Dr Katz: 'If people stay confused about what a healthy diet is, you can keep selling the next and the next and the next diet book...' Picture: istockphoto BVDC

Dr David Katz at reThink Food 2016: 'We're told nutritional advice keeps changing... that's just not true'

Sloan Trends at IFT: Moves away from fortification 'very troubling'

Sloan Trends: 'The move away from fortification is very troubling'

Source: FDA

The First Lady unveils the new Nutrition Facts Label with added sugars included

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Potential compromise reached on food fight about school meals

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