Optimizer Stevia™ achieves the 3-in-1 values of reduced cost, great taste and natural in drinks and tabletop sweeteners

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Healthy, tasty and affordable! These are the key purchase motivators among the plethora of food and beverages choices consumers face today. Ultimately the challenge is to formulate a product that is good for customer’s wellbeing, teases their taste buds, and makes great value-for-money sense.

Drinks and tabletop sweeteners are two categories that most reflect consumer demand for an affordable better-for-you product. Sugar and other sweeteners play a centric role in the formulation. Is there a natural sweetener that tastes better but costs less than its conventional equivalent?

Yes! Optimizer Stevia™ is a naturally sourced, good tasting sweetener solution that enables 20%-30% savings over the conventional RA97 stevia, helping food and beverage formulators to achieve the 3-in-1 values of natural provenance, agreeable taste, and competitive cost.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Optimizer Stevia™ solves the TASTE and COST issues at the same time in drinks and tabletop sweeteners.


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