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HPP babyfood gets a sprinkle of stardust as John Foraker and Jennifer Garner join the team at Once Upon a Farm

John Foraker and Jennifer Garner join Once Upon a Farm

After a month of hints about pursuing an “exciting and terrifying” new opportunity in organic food, former Annie’s CEO John Foraker has finally gone public about his plans to join refrigerated babyfood brand Once Upon a Farm, alongside actress Jennifer Garner.

Foraker has assumed the role of CEO, while Garner is chief brand officer. 

Co-founder and president Ari Raz will now focus on sales and operations, while co-founder Cassandra Curtis will focus on new product development as chief innovation officer at the company, which ultimately aims to expand its reach beyond babyfood into products for toddlers and young children, and bring prices down to make its products more accessible.

The brand, which is now in around 400 stores, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Kroger, made its official debut at Expo East in Baltimore in September 2015, and is typically stocked in the dairy case, although some retailers have experimented with merchandising it in customized fridges in the babyfood section. 

High pressure processing (HPP) – whereby foods or beverages are put into a high-pressure chamber that is flooded with cold water and pressurized (thus the ‘cold-pressured’ moniker) in order to kill pathogens without heat - enables Once Upon a Farm to produce baby food that tastes exactly like the stuff you’d make at home, with no preservatives, colors or flavors and a shelf-life long enough to secure national distribution, say its founders.

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