Big Tree Farms unveils golden coconut sugar to compete with refined white sugar: 'This is going to be a truly disruptive sweetener’

The new golden coconut sugar is expected to retail in May for $5.99 per one-pound bag at natural food stores nationwide.

Big Tree Farms has developed a paler, finer ‘golden’ organic Fair trade coconut sugar that can replace refined white sugar in applications where coarser, darker coconut sugars aren’t ideal, says the company, which has been selling coconut sweeteners for a decade and is still generating double digit growth year-on-year as consumers embrace their ‘unrefined’ and low-GI credentials.

Impossible Foods starts large scale production of plant-based burgers

Impossible Foods moves to commercial scale production of plant-based burgers

Crunchies targets Millennial moms with freeze-dried fruits

Crunchies targets Millennial moms as fruit & veggie snacking gathers pace

ProYo first hit the market in 2013 with its whey-protein-fueled smoothie tubes, but is now moving into high protein ice cream pints

ProYo high protein ice cream rolls out nationwide as retailers expand better-for-you pint set

Expo West feedback 'overwhelmingly positive' for banana brittle

Barnana CMO: 'We tested banana brittle for eight months before we took it to market'

ConAgra Brands snaps up Duke's and BIGS Seeds

ConAgra Brands snaps up Duke's and BIGS Seeds: 'We're reshaping our portfolio to be more premium and modern'

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate at Expo West

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate: ‘Do electric cars not get to call themselves cars because they don’t have a combustion engine?’

Regenerative agriculture next food trend, says EPIC at Expo West

EPIC Provisions co-founder: 'Regenerative agriculture is the next big movement in food'

LonoLife embarks on mission to bring bone broth to the masses

LonoLife embarks on mission to 'bring bone broth to the masses'

No reason has been given for Klock's abrupt departure

Sparkling ICE appoints CFO Marcus Smith as CEO as Kevin Klock makes surprise exit

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