The Chaat Company, Hargol FoodTech, Funny Farm to take center stage at FOOD VISION USA as our 2017 trailblazers

FOOD VISION USA trailblazers: Chaat, Hargol FoodTech, Funny Farm

From turmeric paste and green banana flour to sprouted mung bean snacks and cauliflower wraps and pizza bases, the entries to our 2017 trailblazers challenge are at the cutting edge of food & beverage innovation. But we could only pick three winners …

Jin+Ja projects revenues of $4.5m in 2017, unveils Super Greens

Jin+Ja projects revenues of $4.5m in 2017, unveils new Super Greens powder

Tyler Gage: 'Focus is the name of the game...'

Screw business as usual? RUNA co-founder on clean energy, social innovation, and staying focused

Hydroponics in focus at FOOD VISION USA 2017

Hydroponics in focus at FOOD VISION USA 2017: Can water give soil a run for its money?

Chobani Smooth - its first foray beyond the Greek category - is rolling out into stores nationwide this month

Chobani's Peter McGuinness explains the new org chart: ‘To me, having a separate sales department is archaic’

John Foraker to exit Annie’s, all-change at PepsiCo, Mondelez

NEW HIRES GALLERY: Foraker to exit Annie’s, Dr Pepper waves Bai to Ben Weiss; all-change at PepsiCo, Mondelez

Where next for Campbell Soup?

Campbell Soup joins the lineup at FOOD VISION USA 2017: 'We're restless, future focused and consumer-centric...'

FOOD VISION USA 2017.. Are you an innovation trailblazer?

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FOOD INNOVATION FORUM HIGHLIGHTS: ‘At the heart of all successful brands over the last 4-5 years is the idea of simplicity…’

Each bottle of Protein2o contains 60-70 calories, 15g protein and no sugar

Protein2o raises $4m, attracts ex-Gatorade execs to support ‘explosive’ growth

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