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What is coming up on FoodNavigator-USA’s online events calendar? From protein to natural claims, non-GMO and dairy innovation

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What is on FoodNavigator-USA’s online events calendar?
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From the perils of putting ‘all-natural’ on your label to what beverage execs really think about plummeting sales of diet soda, FoodNavigator-USA’s online discussion forums tackle some of the hottest topics in food and beverage, from the gluten-free market to ‘all-natural’ claims.

Our new series of live discussion forums can be viewed from your computer live or on demand. 

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Beverage Innovation Summit - February 4, 2015

In the inaugural FoodNavigator-USA & BeveragDaily Beverage Innovation Summit, we’re bringing together innovative beverage manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, marketers and trend-watchers to find out what’s next in the world of beverage and how manufacturers of all sizes can apply a little innovation to their business model. Plus, we'll delve into the future of social media, with a look at some of the innovative ways companies are engaging with consumers and how to the 'Wild West' of Big Data.REGISTER HERE for FREE!

Snacking Trends Forum - March 18, 2015

What’s hot in snacks? Insects? Posh jerky? Pea protein? Chickpeas? Brogurt? What’s the difference between a meal and a snack, or are the lines becoming increasingly blurred? What’s a suitable portion-size? And will healthy vending become the norm? To find out, FoodNavigator-USA has gathered together a panel of entrepreneurs and trend-watchers to discuss the hottest new trends in the market, who they admire, and where they see the growth opportunities in the next 3-5 years. Registration opens soon!

Going Non-GMO Forum - May 20, 2015

With uncertainty over GMO labeling creating anxiety throughout the food supply chain, more and more manufacturers are exploring how to avoid GMOs - whether they have a problem with them or not. In this FoodNavigator-USA online forum, we gather together experts to help our readers/listeners understand market trends in organic and non-GMO, stay up to date with what is happening from a regulatory perspective, and navigate the minefield of the non-GMO verification process.

Dairy Innovation Forum - July 29, 2015

What’s hot in dairy? How easy is it to create a great-tasting and stable product with all-natural ingredients? Are stevia and monk fruit all they are cracked up to be? Will carrot- and beet-flavored yogurt appeal to mainstream consumers? Is ‘bro-gurt’ (yogurt for men) a fad? To find out, FoodNavigator-USA has gathered together CEOs from some of the most innovative dairy companies in the US.

Protein Forum: November 4, 2015

Protein is a hot trend in food formulation right now. But is this a sustainable trend or a passing fad? How much protein is enough, and do the next generation of proteins, from rice and pea to algae and insects, deliver in the same way that soy and whey do? And how should you position your protein-packed products? To find out, we've gathered together food manufacturers, trend watchers and formulation experts to explore how food and beverage manufacturers can respond to this growing trend. 

Business Leaders Forum, January 20, 2016

In the third FoodNavigator-USA Business Leaders Forum, we’ve gathered together the CEOs of some of the most innovative food and beverage companies in the US to talk about emerging trends, and what keeps them awake at night.

Weight Management 2020, March 16, 2016

Obesity is associated with rising rates of heart disease, diabetes, and a swath of other chronic diseases. But shoppers are increasingly turned off by marketing focused on 'dieting', and regulatory efforts to tackle sugar, portion sizes and marketing to kids have not made much headway. So how can the food industry tackle the problem and protect its bottom line? We've gathered together market researchers, food manufacturers and consumer advocacy experts to find out.





Natural & Clean Label Forum – September 30, 2014

Our expert panel will explore who is driving the natural and clean label agenda, the latest attempts at defining 'natural', whether 'natural' is losing its luster as a marketing message, where GMOs fit in, and whether the tidal wave of civil litigation over natural claims is making it increasingly risky to make them on pack. We'll also look at how consumers determine if something is natural, clean-label, or less processed and what natural means to shoppers beyond ‘nothing artificial’.

Watch it on demand here!

BEVERAGE Entrepreneurs Forum - July 23, 2014

FoodNavigator-USA gathered together CEOs from some of the most innovative companies in the US to discuss what's hot and what's not in the beverage aisle from tea for kids and coffee fruit to plant waters; whether Coke's deal with Keurig will turn the market on its head; and why diet soda sales are really in a funk. Click HERE and HERE for the highlights. 

Register HERE to watch this event on demand.


GLUTEN-FREE in Perspective Forum, April 30, 2014

Our expert panel explored gluten-free market trends and growth opportunities; the science behind celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy; and the technical challenges of formulating great-tasting gluten-free products. Click HERE for the highlights.

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BUSINESS LEADERS Round Table Debate, January 15, 2014

We gathered together the CEOs of some of the most innovative food and beverage companies in the US to talk about the hottest trends in the market, and ask why smaller, more agile companies are increasingly outpacing CPG giants in the innovation stakes. Click HERE for the highlights.

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