Ahold USA teams up with RangeMe: 'We want to develop partnerships with small and diverse suppliers'

Ahold USA is part of Ahold Delhaize, which operates multiple food retail banners in the US including the new bfresh format (pictured)

Ahold USA has joined a growing number of high-profile retailers – from Whole Foods to Target – that have signed up with online platform RangeMe to help streamline their product and supplier discovery process.

Under a deal announced this morning, Ahold USA (which operates under multiple banners including Stop & Shop and Giant), will use the RangeMe platform to manage new product submissions from suppliers.

“Our goal is to develop more mutually beneficial and successful partnerships with small and diverse suppliers,” said Nick Bertram, senior vice president of merchandising strategy & support, Ahold USA (click HERE to submit products to Ahold via the RangeMe platform).  

RangeMe, which has also struck deals with Petco, Sprouts, SpartNash, Sam’s Club Regional, Jet.Com, Lucky Vitamin, Gelson’s Market, Winn Dixie, and Bi Lo - offers retail buyers, who are currently inundated with approaches from suppliers via online forms, email, social media, phone calls, and face-to-face contacts at trade shows and other events, a more efficient way to manage inbound approaches and compare what suppliers have to offer.

The information is presented in a consistent format and allows buyers to rapidly find and compare new products, says RangeMe CEO and founder Nicky Jackson, who told FoodNavigator-USA in October that 30,000 suppliers with more than 100,000 products have populated the RangeMe database since it launched in the US in September 2015, while the platform has generated more than 65,000 product reviews by retail buyers.

Nicky Jackson: 'RangeMe will be the central place where buyers and suppliers connect online'

Suppliers, meanwhile, are more likely to get their products in front of the right people, with several telling Jackson that they had repeatedly tried other methods of contacting certain retailers, but only got a response when they joined RangeMe, she added.

Brokers, suppliers and agents still do all the follow-up work, getting suppliers retail-ready, promotional planning and all the rest of it, so we’re not replacing brokers, we’re just providing a more efficient way for buyers to sort through all their inbound approaches.”

RangeMe also levels the playing field for smaller suppliers that don’t have brokers by getting them in front of buyers that may not have noticed them at trade show or responded to emails, she said.

“Because of the efficiencies we are creating and the traction we’ve generated in such a short space of time, I think we’ll be the central place where buyers and suppliers connect online to streamline the product discovery process and ensure consumers get access to better products in stores.”

The algorithms underpinning RangeMe are complex, but the user experience is simple, according to CEO Nicky Jackson.

"Suppliers just submit a product image, description and key metrics, such as gross margin, MSRP, full year sales, current retail customers, and certifications (eg. USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified).

"Buyers then log in to the platform, select the categories they manage so that only relevant products show up on their buyer dashboard, and then move through the dashboard and click ‘Interested’, ‘Not Interested’ or ‘Shortlist’."

An email notification is then sent to suppliers in whom buyers are interested (if buyers selected ‘not interested’ or ‘shortlist’, suppliers only see that someone from the retailer in question has viewed their products).

“From there, buyers can request samples, and start a conversation. But we’re not replacing brokers or face to face events, we’re just streamlining the product discovery process so suppliers can get their products in front of the right people, and buyers can minimize the time consuming process of receiving ongoing calls and emails with incomplete product proposals."

So how does RangeMe – which has offices in Sydney and San Francisco - make money?

Right now, it’s free to use for retailers and suppliers, as the platform build critical mass, although RangeMe does offer paid-for options enabling suppliers to stand out in the crowd (click HERE)

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