Preservatives and acidulants

Reducing sodium intake could save more lives, money than treating related disease, study finds

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Ambitious sodium reduction targets for the next two and 10 years laid out by FDA in draft voluntary guidance released last summer not only could save lives, but they could generate huge cost savings based on new research published this week in The BMJ. 

Campbell Soup backs 'potassium salt' petition

Campbell Soup backs 'potassium salt' petition: A more consumer-friendly name will ‘advance public health goals’

Hershey’s tech center in Pennsylvania overseeing a shift to kitchen cupboard ingredients. Photo: Hershey

Removing GMOs easy; ditching chemical-sounding ingredients the challenge, says Hershey R&D chief

What function is citric acid serving in Lean Cuisine?

Nestlé USA to fight ‘baseless’ lawsuit over ‘no preservatives’ claims on Lean Cuisine

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast Defining, meeting consumer demand for clean label

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Defining and meeting consumer demand for clean label

GMA to FDA: We need more time to meet sodium reduction targets

GMA to FDA: Sodium reduction guidance must be re-worded or industry will face a tidal wave of 'frivolous litigation'

Where is future growth in the bakery market likely to be seen? Pic: © iStock/shutter_m

Trends shaping NPD and consumer behavior in the US bakery market

DuPont said the definition of clean label varies by company

Clean label: Small but growing part of bakery products mix, says DuPont

La Tortilla Factory goes clean label and non-GMO

Cleaner labels can increase inefficency, but will ultimately pay off, says La Tortilla Factory innovation chief

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Vinegar sales in US climb on health benefits, bold flavor & versatility

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