Flavors and colors

How do you make a flavor trend work for your brand?

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Is there a science to flavor preferences and combinations? And how can companies market and brand products designed to satisfy the emerging American 'global palate' trend authentically?

Candy companies commit to reduce pack-sizes, increase transparency

Leading candy companies make historic commitment to reduce pack-sizes, increase label transparency

AccelFoods and BOU brings in ‘better-for-you’ bouillon cubes

BOU brings better-for-you bouillon cube for today’s health-conscious shopper

Simi Kular packs spices at Food Starter for Jaswant's Kitchen. Source: E. Crawford

Jaswant’s Kitchen makes cooking Indian food from scratch at home ‘easier on the brain’

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FlavorHealth CEO: We have to move away from this black and white view of 'natural,' when there are shades of gray… the important thing is complete transparency

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Prova launches natural vanillin alternative Provanil-US7

Spindrift raises $10m in round led by VMG Partners & Prolog Ventures

Spindrift raises $10m in funding round led by VMG Partners

The Rao’s Homemade portfolio includes pasta sauces, pastas, dressings, vinegars, roasted vegetables and more.

Rao’s notches up double digit growth: ‘We don’t have consumers, we have fans’

How far down the supply chain do consumers - and plaintiff's attorneys - expect you to look to prove your 'clean label' credentials?

CLEAN LABEL 2.0: Natural flavors and preservatives, pesticide residues, and Non-GMO in the spotlight

'Clean label' is a term widely used in b2b communications, but Panera is one of the first major brands to talk about 'clean' eating with consumers

SPECIAL REPORT: Consumers and ‘clean’ food: Where is the clean label trend going next?

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