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Plant-based products may need to boost visibility of dairy-related allergen warnings

Plant-based products may need bolder milk allergen warnings

An FDA-issued alert from frozen dessert brand Dream reiterating that some of its products contain traces of milk also warns other plant-based product manufacturers that they may need to go beyond legally mandated allergen warnings when it comes to dairy because consumers may not expect animal-based ingredients in these products.

Mars to add 250 US staff in $70m capacity upgrade. Photo: Mars

Mars to invest $70m to up American M&M’s and goodnessknows production

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Threats to bees threaten whole food industry

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Industry stakeholders seek to take the sting out of threats to bees’ health

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The big debate: Can sugar survive a public health crisis?

Confectionery companies are expecting stronger Easter sales this year due to a longer  holiday season. Photo: ©iStock/Maya23K

Easter chocolate NPD 2017: Hershey, Cadbury, M&M’s and Godiva

No Denial Foods designs indulgent snacks for low-sugar shoppers

Chicago snack start-up No Denial Foods targets low-sugar shoppers seeking indulgence

Cissé Cocoa Co. leverages purchasing power for social good

Cissé Cocoa Co. leverages purchasing power for social good

Snackworthy targets Millennials with affordable snacks

Snackworthy wants to make better-for-you snacks affordable and approachable

Claims by alleged former child slaves in West Africa did not 'touch and concern' the US with sufficient force. ©iStock/NiroDesign

Nestlé, Cargill and ADM cocoa child slavery lawsuit dismissed

Nature’s Bakery overhauls branding, launches new SKUs

Nature’s Bakery overhauls branding, launches new SKUs to become the ‘Little Debbie of the natural snack industry’

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